Project: Reduce Paper Piles

I’ll admit it. I’m a prolific piler of papers. I might also be a hoarder when it comes to saving things “just in case” because for a single woman with zero offspring I still have way too much paper. I remind myself that I have 2 vehicles, a house and a business, but whatever.

Since my ultimate goal right now is to get as close to paperless as humanly possible I am launching a new personal challenge to reduce the paper in my life. Permanently.

Here’s what I’ve come up with so far:

1. Attempt to reduce items of paper by 500 a month until manageable

2. Refine my current paper intake system to reduce piles

3. Start where I am right now, without waiting for ALL the paper to be gathered or the perfect system in place

4. Each piece of paper counts as 1, whether it’s an instruction manual or a ticket stub

5. Paper will be recycled and, if needed, shredded

6. Papers that must be kept will be scanned and saved, then backed up on the external hard drive

7. Journals count but first priority are the piles and files

8. Deal with each paper in front of you right now, don’t delay it for later

For now the office is going to be ground zero for organizing – too often I move everything to the living room for more space and then end up moving it back in slightly smaller stacks.

I’m not quite sure how I’ll keep count yet but I want to just get started. In addition to statements, notifications in the mail, receipts, business paperwork and notes, I am also going to look at operation manuals, cards, magazines, coupons, old stories and journals.

As often as possible I’ll do a Friday update with a running total on this post. Let’s see if I can hit 500 papers in 2 weeks!

June 5, 2015: 140 papers eliminated


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