Photo Canvases

In my world there’s this thing called Inceptiongram.

It begins by taking a picture on my phone and posting it on Instagram. I have been loving the app because it’s about capturing the small things about everyday life.

Then I use Social Print Studio to select my favorites in 4×4 squares.


When the prints arrive I put them on a canvas.

Then take a picture of the canvas and post it on Instagram.

It’s a vicious cycle but a fun one.

So today I’m going to show exactly how I put together my canvases and another fun one with the prints.

Creating a Canvas Wall

I’ve seen these attached right to the wall before but I’d rather not glue things on my wall I start by finding a plain white canvas on sale, usually at Jo-Ann’s in any size that’s  divisible by 4 such as 8×20, 20×24, 12×16.


I start by putting a thin layer of black paint on the canvas edges and front – this is mostly because the white canvas edges tend to get dirty and dusty fast and it’s nice to tie them all together visually since I’m not exactly brand loyal.


Then I pull out the Modge Podge and coat the canvas in a thin layer, one section at a time, laying down the photos in rows. Doing one row at a time keeps them from ending up all crooked when you’re finished.


Once they’re lined up with no black showing through between the prints I use the matte modge podge over top in another thin layer.


Let everything dry and hang them up the next day. You can buy your prints on canvases but I find I’d rather play around with the arrangement and choose some custom sizes myself.

After the canvases dry they get hung in the hallway so it’s a fun collage of images!


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