Away we go

Even though I wanted to take a break for a couple weeks it turns out that in order to finish the hallway section with laminate, I need to take it all the way through the living room.

Floors 1

Floors 2

Which means my “break” was cancelled and I started tearing out the carpet in the living room this weekend.

While I would really love to have some time to rest, I guess it’s best that I keep going while I’m on a roll. So I’ve moved the furniture around in the living room and am prepping the subfloor. I always knew that working on the floors in the living room was going to be the hardest to do, especially now that the Caddy is taking up all the spare space in the garage! Last year when I scraped the ceiling and then painted the walls I had most of the furniture stored in the garage for the duration and that’s not exactly an option now.

Getting the guest room cleaned out before working in there was a great decision as I am now able to use some of that room for storage. Still, it looks like the new couch might be residing in the kitchen for a couple days.

Anywho, I started to write my June Goals:

1. Purchase the rest of the laminate + underlayment for the house – I’ll need approx 6 more boxes if I’ve measured correctly – DONE! I remeasured and it appears I only needed 1 more box so I picked up 2 and am ready to go!

2. Get the Caddy running smoothly – there’s an issue with the battery and/or electrical but I want it running again DONE! Got the work done on the electrical system and gear shifter then new tires and brakes!

3. Build a bench – need to decide between a potting bench and workbench for the garage DONE! I build a potting bench for practice building the workbench

Ideally I’d like to have the rest of the house finished with the laminate BUT I will need to do the kitchen so all of that depends on my ability to move the fridge/freezer out. and DONE! I was able to buy a new fridge/freezer and finish the laminate in the hallway, living room and kitchen. Whew!

After sleeping on it overnight I probably will build a potting bench for the front yard (to go near the front door) because I can easily move it out for wood working projects and the miter saw is light enough to haul around. Right now many of my detail cuts are happing with the jigsaw, balanced on an outdoor side table in the front yard.

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