Kitchen Sink update

So it’s probably not a big secret that I hate my kitchen configuration. Whosoever decided to put a sink in a corner was high on something. It makes it increasingly difficult to reach into the back corner AND means a lot of wasted space.

Whatever. #rantover

Instead of dreaming about the day I win the lottery, bump out the entryway, create a whole new kitchen and buy brand new appliances, I decided to do my best to cover the ugliest part of the sink: the cabinet.

Here’s why:


Yeah, lovely.

Not only are there a lot of unidentified stains but there’s water damage to the particle board from the time we had a hole in the food disposal and it created a little fountain under my sink. I didn’t much feel like putting in a new piece of wood and besides, anything that goes in here will need to be trimmed to fit since it’s such an odd angle.

Enter the next best thing:


Yep, cardboard.

What once delivered me something of “necessity” from Amazon was hacked into pieces to become my new foundation. Since it was in so many pieces I used duct tape to create 2 big pieces, one across the back and one in front.

Of course leaving it like this isn’t too classy so I grabbed the contact paper that I’d used in the bathroom cabinets and hall closet:

DSC_0522It was a tiny bit tricky to get the two pieces to match up and overlap to create a semi seal but it worked.

Trust me, I’m not entering this into blogger hall of fame. It’s a temporary fix so I don’t have to look at yucky stains all the time. Best of all was that I had the contact paper already so this project was free!

It probably took me a whole 30 minutes start to finish, including cleaning out my cleaning supplies and reloading the cabinet.


Once all the crap is back in it’s pretty hard to tell there’s cardboard under there.

Bonus tip: I use these cheapo baskets from the Dollar Store because when something is leaking you do NOT have the time to pull out 100 bottles. 3 containers are easy to remove and if something is leaking inside that basket it’s much easier to clean up.

And that’s it. Super simple project, free, less than an hour and it makes the house look a tiny bit better.





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