About the recent flurry of posts…

I was just going through my blog stats and was surprised that I posted way more than usual in May. Don’t get excited, I’m certainly not turning this into a full time (or even side) gig.

The truth is that the more work I do on the floors and my continued schedule of workouts with a trainer, the more exhausted I am at the end of the day. Blogging about these projects is a great way to feel productive even when I need a nap. While it might feel like I’m in turbo project mode I think it’s just good timing that I had the funds to start some bigger projects this year.

But I love the smaller projects too because it’s those little things that make a difference over years and years in a space. Even if the house feels chaotic right now because there’s furniture all over the place and baseboards sticking out from under the couch… it’s all good.

I’m actually very thankful that most of these house projects took months (or years) of planning and saving. It’s much more fun than picking everything out of a catalog and being “done” a couple months after moving in.

So what’s coming next? 

Well I’ve been working in the guest room so you can probably guess what major project is happening there, especially if you follow me on Instagram:

Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 11.46.38 AM

I’m also working on the office in preparation for a new computer (yay!) and the increased need for organization.

While I’m loving these hardwood floors (actually laminate), Jackson is NOT a fan so I’m on the hunt for some affordable and beautiful rugs for the bedrooms & living room. He’s fine as long as there’s something for traction so I also have some runners for the hallway coming up.

In other news, I’m on the search for some drought resistant plants for the garden as our water situation here in California is getting more dire and my bills are getting more expensive, even without daily watering. The lantana on the side yard is thriving so something similar that has low water needs would be fantastic.

Personally I am ready to head into June and all that summer brings. It’s going to be a busy couple of months and I’m so excited for what the rest of 2015 will bring.


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