Let there be privacy…

One of my cheaper solutions for covering windows was the black curtains I hung over the garage window eons ago. The problem is that spiders have invaded that window sill and taken over command, meaning the curtains simply act as an anchor for webs and dead flies. Now I don’t mind the killing of flies but it was disgusting. And basically all you could see from the walkway outdoors is dead bugs and the web.

It was so gross I didn’t take a picture because you’re welcome.

I took down the curtains for their bi-annual cleaning and was surprised at how much light this little window let in. With the goal in mind to let in the light while maintaining privacy, I picked up this privacy film from Amazon that comes in a 17″ x 6′ roll. It has a really cool bubble looking pattern and is pretty easy to install.


My window has two panels, each is 22″ wide and 36″ tall. Since the film is just 17″ wide I decided to go left to right across the bottom of the window. After measuring I rolled out the film on a cutting mat and pizza slicer thingy, I cut the film just a smidge more than 22″ for the first panel.

Garage Window 5.JPG

As you can see the back of the film has this handy grid so you can cut a straight line. I used some scraps from the laminate floor to keep the cut straight.

Then I climbed on top of the washing machine to Windex those glass panes. Fun times. Then, before the spiders could recover I installed the film, lining up the film on the left of the glass and smoothing it across. Here you can see the difference it makes:

Garage Window 1

Since the film was cut a smidge too long I pushed it right up to the right side of the frame and then cut the last bit off with my box cutter. There are no pictures of installation because I was balancing on the chest freezer, peeling back the film, smoothing out the bumps and watching for spiders. It only took a couple minutes per side to complete.

Garage Window 4I love how much light is let in without showing what’s in the garage (my car and a bunch o’ tools). Of course nothing is ever finished so the next project is to replace the window sill and install a frame as the existing one is a little beat up. It’ll be good practice for working on the window sills and frames indoors.

Here you can see the sill board is warped on the bottom right, I’m sure there are a thousand spiders under there. (Note to self: need to move over the sprinkler control panel to install the frame)

Garage Window 2

The board isn’t even one piece. #lazy

Garage Window 3

It’s going to look so much nicer when complete, you know, because doing the laundry requires a custom, beautiful laundry “room.” #sarcasm


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