A case worth saving

As I prepared to install the laminate in my guest room, I made it a priority to sort through allll the stuff that’s been lingering in there for years and make some decisions instead of just moving it around and resorting stuff into ever larger storage containers every couple years.

It was a great choice.

Not only did I reduce my bankers boxes of paper from 4 to .5, but I was able to donate a bunch of stuff I no longer need or want and get a lot more organized. One of the treasures that I rediscovered was this check case that I inherited from my grandma.


It’s not too big but I think she used it for storing bank checks. I’ve been using it for all my sewing notions and thread which, admittedly, I don’t use very often. But the inside of the case was pretty beat up and I wanted to beautify it.

So I took some of the leftover fabric from my new pinboard:


And decided it would work wonderfully.

First I grabbed some spare cardboard and cut 2 pieces to fit the lid and the bottom of the box. I trimmed it a little bit so it would still fit once the fabric was installed.

For the lid piece, I let the fabric hang over about an inch so it would cover the inside lip. I used fabric adhesive to secure the fabric to the cardboard but didn’t really like it – too sticky. Still, I pushed the fabric and cardboard into place, then used modge podge to secure it to the lid.

The bottom was a little different because the sides were taller. So I took a long strip of fabric and modge podged it in, letting the extra gather on the bottom of the box. I trimmed some of the excess and then pushed in the cardboard covered in fabric to secure the loose pieces.

Here’s how it turned out:


It’s a little hard to see but the cuts on the lid were too messy for my OCD tendencies.


So I glued everything in tight with modge podge and let it dry for a couple hours. Then I grabbed a ribbon that was (I kid you not) left over from college and glued it to the lip of the lid to cover the gap. The outside has stayed the same, even the side where my grandma wrote “Disks” making me think she used this for cassette tapes or floppy discs.

First I refilled it with sewing supplies:


but have since decided that it needs to stay in the office with the pinboard and hold something office-y.

I’d show you a picture of it hanging out in the office but since that room has all of the guest room stuff it’s kinda buried. I know, bad blogger. But I will be shooting the office (and guest room!) soon for a reveal post once those floors are d.o.n.e.

I can’t wait. But I have to. Boo.


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