Planking a Wall

After finishing the master bedroom floor and starting on the office, I took some time to remove the baseboards and door frames from the hallway. There was a lot of wood to remove.

Since I’ll be replacing the door frames after undercutting the door jamb, it was an ideal time to work on the weird wall in the hallway. See, my hallway is somewhat shaped like a U. You enter in the front door at an angle, go straight down the hall to the master bedroom, then take a right turn to enter the office or guest room – dead ending at this wall:

photo 1

The problem is that wall once housed a very ineffective bookshelf that I demoed the first week or so of living here and thus the texture on that wall is pretty bad and doesn’t match the rest of the walls. Instead of trying to skim coat or repair it to match, I had the brilliant idea to install wood planks and paint them white.


Total Cost: $45 (which seems high but I’ll be reusing the paint and wood filler for several other projects so this is just the cost if you need to buy new)

It was late on a Friday night when I drove out to Home Depot and got them to cut up this piece of plywood an hour or so before closing. Because not going to Home Depot on a Saturday is survival tip #1. Here’s how we cut it up

Screen Shot 2015-05-01 at 11.36.51 PM

The last row is a bit under 8″ but it should do fine for the bottom row.

First thing on Saturday I started by sanding the edges of the plywood to smooth it out and then measured the wall to make the width cuts.

I did paint one of of the boards with Kilz first but found that it was going to take forever to paint them all and let them dry on sawhorses outside. So I moved ahead with installing them top to bottom with 2 nickels between boards for spacing.


As you can see from the wall board leaning up there, the panels are the same width as the floor boards (which are 7-5/8″) so that’s nice for symmetry. These boards are super light weight so holding them up to nail in was super simple. The only board that was a little harder was cutting out for the light switch because it happens in the middle of a board.

Using a drill bit I first created a hole and then used my jigsaw to cut out the box. Thankfully it worked out better than the beadboard in the bathroom.

After the wood was installed I pulled out the wood filler to cover the nail holes and then sanded them down. Easy enough.


THEN I pulled out the Kilz primer and gave it a once over. Again, since I’ll be replacing the floor and adding new door trim on either side of the wall I didn’t have to be too careful with the paint. After the first coat I sanded the whole wall to grind down the wood filler a bit more and there were a few panels that needed another nail. Final step and that is the real layer of paint, the same white that I’m using on all the trim, in flat. I only have glossy for the trim so I picked up a quart.


Once that dried I rehung the canvas that I built from a picture I took in Cabo last year. The old wood frame I rescued from Goodwill and painted is holding up pretty well so I am happy to have it back on the wall.


I need to touch up the paint on the bottom panel but will soon be installing the new door frame and reinstalling the baseboards.



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