$5 cork board magic

I was innocently browsing at Home Depot (what? this is what I do for fun.) and found an awesome clearance bin with 2’x4′ cork boards for $5. That’s amazing, people. You can’t buy a meal for under $5 anymore so I was a bit excited. Not even caring if it was in good shape, I threw it on the cart and happily brought it home. Like my little board, I knew I wanted to cover it in fabric to a) hide the holes from pins and b) make it pretty.


So I scoped out the clearance fabric at Jo-Anns and brought home a bright pattern with lots of flowers and colors that tie in to my existing curtains. I want to say that 2 yards was around $12 but don’t quote me on that. I’m too lazy to find the receipt. But in the easiest DIY ever, I simply slapped on a whole bunch of modge podge and then centered and flattened the fabric right on the cork. I kept enough to wrap it around the back but otherwise just glued it in good. I didn’t use nailhead trim this time, just the glue, a few staples along the back and done.


Using the screws that came with the board, I hung it in the office, right above the doggie bed so I can add to it any time with minimum disruption of nap time. I was going to put it above my monitor but I figured climbing up on my desk was more annoying than stepping over a sleeping dog.

Here it is on the way to being filled up with my favorite notes, places and people:


Not bad for under $20!

(ps I had a LOT of fabric leftover. Can’t wait to show you what I did with it.)


6 thoughts on “$5 cork board magic

  1. Oh, I love that! I’ve been keeping my eye out for a cheap cork board. Haven’t found one yet, but when I do…..I’d love to cover it with fabric, like you did. So cute!

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