New lights in the hallway

I’ve shared before that I’ve installed these lights from Ikea in my bedroom closets and really like them for lighting the upper shelves. But in the hall closet I had the Kvart lights from Ikea which were first in the master bedroom:



But there wasn’t a lot of light so I picked up a rope light from Amazon (here for $18) it’s 18′ long so plenty of length.Screen Shot 2015-05-16 at 6.18.20 PM

The real challenge was installing them without damaging the lights because all of my staples were much too small. What you want to do is find about a 2″ electrical staple in the electrical accessories isle at Home Depot.

They look a little like this and you can get a big bag for a couple bucks.

Here’s how it looks installed in the closet:

Hall Closet 2

I love that it wraps around the door frame (which I’ll soon be replacing anyway…)

Hall Closet 3

Since it’s pretty long, it also goes up to the shelf and then up to the ceiling. So much more light. Here’s the wider shot:

Hall Closet 1

Since I’m working on the floors the closet will be getting a little more attention coming soon (new floor, door frame, touching up paint, adding another light).


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