Here and there

After going through some blog drafts and deleting old and no longer relevant updates I decided to just do a little brain dump. Fair warning: the inside of my head is a bag full of cats. You’re welcome for the visual.

Right now (as in this weekend) I’m working through the banker’s boxes which have been stacked in the office closet (and before that the garage) for, oh, six years. It’s been good to throw some things away, save a few things, and mostly realize that I don’t need my fourth grade project on mummies. Anymore. I filled up 3 paper bags from the grocery store for the recycling and the “to be shredded” box is almost full as well.

Since I replaced the carpet in the office with new laminate the idea of shredding doesn’t reduce me to tears anymore. It’s so much easier to sweep out all those straggling papers instead of trying to vacuum.

Also, I just finished demo on the hallway door frames and pulling out all of the baseboards and wow, it’s gross under there. Can’t wait to tackle that with laminate next (well, after the guest room). Speaking of the guest room, I’m 11 boxes into creating a full tally of my books that got boxed up earlier this year in the hopes of creating a master list for shopping purposes. So far I’ve found under a dozen duplicates so that’s not bad. And some of them I’m keeping because hello Island of the Blue Dolphins, you are my favorite.

As I create the list for each box I’m printing them out and can I just say that my new kickass printer kicks ass? Also, the shelf I created is super handy and makes me happy.

I really should be outdoors cutting back the ridiculous overgrowth on the roses and cleaning up the flower beds but I need to leave something for us to work on for Mother’s Day tomorrow. Ooooh, maybe we can do some sewing instead. I definitely need to hem some curtains and make a pillow. Or, OR we could sew cornbags since I picked up some new fabric and 5o lbs of feed corn.

If I were the mean sort I’d instead have Mom help me create my new wood build project because I’m pretty sure it’s going to be a pain to do myself but then again I love tackling a challenge… this is what my brain does to me over and over all day long.

Even just innocently sitting at my desk trying to procrastinate on Facebook, I have the USB hub to install for my new set up. And my external hard drive so I can backup the computer. Oh and a stack of files to scan. And the books that still need to be cataloged for box #12, and you see what I mean!

All of this reminds me of a comic I saw the other day when the question is posed “what was your favorite part of childhood?” and the answer was an honest “not paying bills.” I’d add “or having responsibility.” I know, all of this is supreme first world, privileged, home owner problems and I’m honestly grateful to have them. Even if I whine.

And yet someday in the near future all the laminate will be laid, the baseboards installed and new door frames all shiny and I’ll be looking for a new project because that’s what I do and it’s no good to deny your nature.

So in honor of my nature as a slightly neurotic, overachieving, recovering perfectionist I am off to finish up a project or two and will attempt to not start 6 more in the meantime. But no promises.


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