The Office

Once I finished the master bedroom in new laminate I was itching to do another room. Except I was leaving for a trip so instead I packed frantically and left the next day. So much for enjoying the fruits of my labor!

When I got home I had a family party to attend which meant my mom would be visiting and needed the guest room. Do I need to mention that I hate waiting? Needless to say a couple hours after she left for home I started moving furniture from the office and tackled the carpet.

I shared the tools I used last time but didn’t go into much detail. Here’s a bit more context because you’re going to need a lot of tools. Let’s start here.


If you don’t have a dremmel to undercut your door jams then this small saw will save you. It’s somewhere around $20 and the blades are pretty easy to replace. Also, grab a box cutter with extra blades. When removing the carpet I would fold it back from the wall and use the box cutter to slice the carpet into strips. Sometimes it would take a few passes but it was so much easier to move out than in one giant piece.


When you’re painting the subfloor to block out stains and smells this tiny broom is so handy. I can’t tell you how many dog hairs and pieces of dirt I had to get up. Also, don’t try to reinstall baseboards without a nail gun but be careful of the nails you use. When prying off the old baseboards this room was the worst. 3″ nails spaced far too closely meant it was a lot more work to get those out. The power drill isn’t strictly necessary but I like using it to remove and reinstall the door. I keep the hinge on the door itself but once the screws are out I put them right back in the frame so they don’t get lost.

More Tools:



The tapping block and floor jacks are used to position the laminate and get it the boards to lay flat and the mallet is used for tapping the boards without damaging the grooves. The crowbar, hammer and screw driver are used primarily for demo of the baseboards and door frame.

Okay, last set of tools:


When you get to the end of a row the measuring tape, square and pens are great for marking for a cut. I used the shims on the first row to ensure it stayed in place and if you’re having trouble with boards you can use wood glue or blue painters tape to keep them together. The duct tape was for securing the underlayment together and the wire cutter is great for pulling nails out of baseboards. Finally the clamps are ideal for stabilizing a board for rip cuts. I’ll have to photograph how I set that up next time around.

Okay, ready to see the room? 

Here’s a typical before pic from my office clean up post a few weeks back:



That carpet is just done. No amount of vacuuming, steam or spot cleaning could save it. RIP carpet. Goodbyeeeeee.

Here’s the after:


And in the closet:


And the dogs enjoying their bed by wrestling:



I have a couple projects to work on (new chair! building a shelf! another cork board! door frames!) so I’ll be back with more posts soon.


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