Working on the Floor

Last time we established that it was all Wilson’s fault that I needed to tear out my bedroom carpet and got all the way up to installing the damn stuff. There were a few considerations I had to make before the work could begin.

Consideration #1 Placing the tiles

I’d pretty much already decided that the tiles would run north-south lengthwise because I would like to take the flooring all the way through the house and long boards down the hallway look nicer to me than squatty ones.

Knowing this I can start either on the east or west wall and work my way out.

For a few reasons I started in closet (west wall) and worked my way out to the room, primarily because cutting around the closet opening would anchor the planks for the rest of the room.

Consideration #2 Ripping down the tiles

In order to get those first and last rows sized correctly, I would need to rip down the tiles. Now this is much easier when you’re cutting the width of the tile because the miter saw works easily. But cutting them length wise requires a table saw which I do not own.

Instead I set up the miter saw in the backyard (atop the old butcher block from the kitchen), I also pulled out my skill saw and a jigsaw. Instead of starting with a ripped down row and trying to make it perfect, I just started with a full width tile and ripped the last row.

That’s about as far as I got when I decided to just go for it and install the tiles. The first few layers went smoothly:


and I set up the planks so I was pulling from several different boxes


I rolled out the underlayment and then secured the seams with duct tape.


I staggered the seams so they would not line up like a zipper and it took a lot of trips to the backyard to cut the edges. After about 6 hours on the first day I had a significant portion done.


One of the things I love about this tile pattern is that it’s not all one color (boring) or too complicated. Standing back you can’t really see the seams which makes me happy. DSC_0636

As you can see on the final row it’s angled up as I secured the boards to each other left to right and then used the tapping block to lay the planks flat. There were a few rows that were extremely stubborn but eventually I prevailed. The last row was just a few inches so I picked out the boards and then trimmed them down using my jigsaw.


It was tricky but I was finally able to get each piece installed


Since this is a floating floor there’s no glue or nails involved – it’s all held together by the connection between the boards. There’s enough room for the boards to expand without buckling and the baseboards cover most of the gap. I’ll install some quarter round soon for those few boards that were cut too short.

After reinstalling the baseboards (numbering them came in handy!), I also added new boards to build the door frame.


I’m still working on the wood for the top piece since I’d like to purchase it all at once so everything matches, but the sides are simple 3.5″ common boards cut to fit each door and installed with my Airstrike Nail Gun.

Speaking of tools, here’s what I used for the job:





Not pictured: My miter saw

As far as a tutorial, I might do it in sections as I work on other rooms, there’s a lot to learn and it’s usually practice that makes the biggest difference.

Final shot of the finished room:


I’ll be taking new pics for the Master Bedroom page once I finish the door frames and another project so you can see how it looks with the furniture back in.


6 thoughts on “Working on the Floor

  1. The floor looks great! That’s a big job to do by yourself, you are very inspiring! I’m glad I found your blog, I’ve been enjoying it a lot!

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