Let’s call it done

If I had to vote, the worst room in the house upon moving in would be the master bath. The halfplex problem is that both bathrooms have no natural light from windows and are somewhat small. The master bath had this huge cabinet and countertop, an older toilet, crappy shower stall, ugly flooring, a slab mirror and spotlight looking lights. not to mention it was beige and purple with a festive fish border and recessed wood cabinet.


2011_09_08 Master Bath (01)

2011_09_08 Master Bath

These were some of the first pictures of the house from way back in 2008.

Because I had so many other projects and so little money, the makeover began with taking down the border and painting the whole room – ceiling included – Rice Grain. It was… okay for a $20 investment and a couple of hours.

2011_06_04 (04)

Oh and I took down the big slab mirror and replaced it with one from Target that I picked up on clearance.

My damn selective perfect memory will never let me forget the guy who took the old mirrors when I put them on Freecycle and announced they would be going on his bedroom ceiling. Thanks, dude. Really needed to know that.

In 2013 I was ready to get this party started so I demoed the floor, finding 2 layers of vinyl flooring I named ugly and uglier. With the floor out and the concrete slab cleaned, I shopped for new tiles and found a great neutral one at Home Depot on clearance.




2013_09_14 (01)

The new floor tiles were great, except I had nothing else in the room and it was annoying to go down the hall to use the bathroom in the middle of the night. Mostly because the dogs would follow me and then I had to play dog wrangler half asleep.

Before installing that tile of course we had to demo the old countertop and shower in (2012?). The original sink was in rough shape with multiple stress fractures and a faucet that was nasty (also where giant spiders like to hang out).

2011_10_24 (04)


We had purchased a pedestal sink and toilet from Osh on clearance, so it wasn’t too difficult to decide to install beadboard to both cover the messed up spots on the wall and create a much brighter room. While I tried to decide what style and trim I wanted we installed the new sink and toilet knowing that they would be coming back out to do the finishing touches since we would cut around all the pipes for the beadboard

Oh, by this time I replaced the shower head with a detachable model:

2013-07-06 (17)

and painted the inside of the recessed storage beige and the trim white.

2013-07-04 (12)

Okay, by now in my little timeline we’re up to 2014 when Toby began replacing lights allll over the house. I’d picked up a light at Osh when I found the sink and toilet on clearance so we swapped out the spotlight for something a little more subtle:


The only problem with the new fixture was that it puts off less light – which is great when you’re just waking up, not so great when it comes to seeing if you got all the grass off your legs in the shower stall after mowing the lawn.

2011_05_28 (03)

Okay. It’s 2014. The floor is in. The new toilet, sink and light are in. I finally buy the trim and baseboards, cut them in my garage and begin to install. Six months after I start the trim Dad makes it up for a weekend to remove the sink and toilet so we can finish the trim.

By this point I have also painted the walls a bright blue, although it’s not permanent because a few weeks later I repainted the walls a softer blue.


It takes a couple of hours and Dad does most of the cuts to fit everything together like a really simple jigsaw puzzle with big, big pieces.


But when we’re done it looks seamless, the toilet and sink get reinstalled and I’ve only lost 2 pieces of trim (on the left) to damage in the process. It’s easy enough to replace those and the room is done! Right?

Not quite. Remember how the shower becomes a cave? Well the blue paint makes it even darker so I start by picking a lighter shade for the walls. Because I looove painting bathrooms. No, not at all.

Then I have Toby return and install a waterproof can light in the shower stall and it’s wired to the room fan.

Bathroom 4-30-2015 (10)

It’s glorious. Except now I can see exactly how bad the shower is thanks to that door and trim slowly disintegrating.

Oh, and the mirror? is now way too large to be re-hung and there’s no way I’m cutting into my newly perfected trim.

So, and now we’re up to April when I picked out the Krabbe mirrors from Ikea and hang them across 2 walls like such:

Bathroom 4-30-2015 (12)

And I’ve hung the towel hooks right next to the shower so they’re handy right when you step out of the newly bright shower onto my comfy rug:

Bathroom 4-30-2015 (11)

The antique letter press that I got from Mom a few years ago is hung again and filled with all those tiny makeup bottles and such that get lost in drawers. It’s the only way I can remember to put on chapstick in the winter.

Bathroom 4-30-2015 (01)

On the far wall I’ve collected a series of prints, canvases and water colors to go with my “under the sea” vibe in here. I’ve left room below the prints for smaller prints or robe hooks. Remains to be seen.

Bathroom 4-30-2015 (19)

For storage I am maximizing the space in the recessed cabinet with dirty laundry, towel storage and toiletries, but I am also using this blue cart from Ikea for the things I use most often,

Bathroom 4-30-2015 (15)

and this wood shelf I made for spare toilet paper and towels.

Bathroom 4-30-2015 (17)

To celebrate being d.o.n.e. I splurged on new towels from Costco which are fluffy and awesome. Oh and that tiny succulent planter which I will probably kill soon.

And THAT my friends wraps up the 5.25 year remodel of my master bath. If I say anything about painting in here, please, someone slap me.

Pssst! I also updated this on my home projects page which is slowly getting updated with all the changes I’ve made over the last year or so.

master bath remodel


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