this and that

I’m once again waiting on the world to change pictures to be edited to finish up a couple of post for the blog here but instead I just decided to write.

Because I’m a writer. It’s how I communicate best and win the most arguments with myself.

I am slowly downsizing in the house and need to make another trip to a) the dump and b) Goodwill this month before my next out of town trip. I also have 6 or 7 packages of gifts to send from my last out of town trip that still need to be wrapped, labelled and taken to the Post Office. Details, details.

I’m also trying to narrow down which prints from my vacation will make it onto canvases. So many to choose from.

mexico sunrise

Wilson has been sick lately so after an expensive vet visit I’m keep a close eye on him and seeing if he’ll need on-going medication. Surprisingly Jackson has been the naughty one, deciding to bite a hole in the back of my new couch cushion this week. My dogs are naughty.

Maybe this was all to remind me that I can’t have a new puppy because oh I really, really want one. The litter out at the farm is just too damn cute for words. And snuggly.

new puppy

Slowly I’m tackling all the paper piles around the house – something we like to call “shitepiles” on the organizing thread I participate in. Mine tend to be 90% junk mail, coupons and bills. Oh and now a survey from the government I’m somehow legally obligated to complete and mail in which I find to be ridiculous.

What else is going on… oh somehow and someway moths are invading the house. I am trying to find where they’re originating from (an old book? sweater? pillow?) and so I’m slowly killing them when they appear. And because I read that it helps, I bought a pound of dried lavender and put it in tiny sachets to hang around the house. At least I like the smell of lavender.

Right now I can’t take any pictures in the house because every room has been thrown into chaos from my recent project (I know, what’s new?) but I am slightly in love with how the garage is looking these days. I picked up some supports for hanging the next set of pegboards in my makeshift workbench area so maybe before May rolls around I’ll be able to hang that on the wall.

Any work in the garage is pretty much limited to the weekend since the new car takes up so much room… wait, I didn’t post about that here. Well, here she is:

new car

Tentative name is “big red” because this car is a beast. 19 feet long, 12 mpg, electric windows, top and front seat. There’s a slight issue with the gear box and the radio doesn’t want to work but I’m looking to get those fixed up soon. The leather seats also need conditioning and I’m shopping for new tires.

Anywho, I had to rearrange the garage because the space is only 20 feet long which means I couldn’t put any furniture along the shared wall with the house and then had to hang a tennis ball on a string so I don’t pull in too far and hit the drywall (again).

But although I never knew it should be my goal to own a classic convertible in California, I highly recommend it!

Okay, what else is happening…

I think that’s it for now, I continue to hold out hope that this little dude could come live with me because hello, cuteness.

new puppy 2


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