Simple Office Clean Up

As usual I have a bunch of projects to update but today I decided to tackle my office for 15 minutes because it was getting out of hand and impeding my ability to concentrate.

Before I show you the “before” pics keep in mind that I’m just back from vacation where I picked up a bug and spent most of the last 2 days pathetically attempting to work in the comfy chair in my office.  You know this is a true before because I didn’t even close the desk drawer hanging open.




That’s my comfy chair with the desk chair serving as a foot rest because the dogs insist on sitting ON me at all times. Also they’ve dragged in some blankets to “nest” in the closet.



My plant here looks like it’s dying and is dropping leaves all over the place. Classy. Also there’s a huge stack of files, notebooks and binders on the bookshelf that I didn’t have a chance to put away properly before going on vacation.




In the closet the old curtains hung up on the clothing rod, there’s a mess of dog blankets and a bunch of boxes I need to go through.


Armed with a timer set to 15 minutes I started working, putting things away in different rooms and quickly coming back to work in the office.

If you’ve ever done this do you find that you become really compelled to clean other spaces? I so want to tackle the bedroom next but gah, work still to be done in the office!

Here’s the “after” – the biggest difference was taking out the plant for some pruning and closing the closet curtains. Still haven’t cleaned up that wall shelf yet though.



The pile of files is much smaller but I was in the midst of sorting them when the timer went off. I do find it convenient to have my tape, post its, pens and pencils easily accessible like this. And those boxes and bins are super easy to keep things organized.



This is the best chair in the morning even if the back gets smooshed by Nixon sitting on it all the time. If I were a proper blogger then I would have turned on the overhead reading lamp and staged it with a throw blanket or something.



Desk got a little cleaner and I cannot wait to replace my computer so I can have a better system for all those necessary (but annoying) cords:


Last shot of the closet and my new curtains from Ikea (where else?!). The green bin has files I’m archiving so it needs to stay accessible until I finish sorting through files on my desk. I still need to decide what’s going to hang in that spot between the doors but all of my pictures are revolving throughout the house constantly so I’ll find something soon I’m sure.


There you have it, my slightly updated office, cleaned and not at all staged for the blog. Now that I’m done with that project I really want to go do another room. I might just power clean the house but who knows if I’ll blog about it. Because 15 minutes of cleaning + 30 minutes putting together a blog post is a little weird. Especially when I have that stack of papers to go through!



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