Another Productive Weekend

It feels like ages since I had a nice, productive, work filled weekend of getting projects caught up around the house.

Since I have hundreds of updates and zero time to refresh my pages or blog about them this will be a long catch up post.

Here are the distinct things that got done this weekend:

  • finished trim work in the bathroom
  • removed the giant frog
  • installed baseboards in closets
  • mounted the flat screen on the wall

Here are my updates room by room.

In the kitchen we took down the florescent light and had Toby install 4 can lights. The spot that remained was patched and needs to be painted.

kitchen 1

In the dining nook I swapped out my taller bar size table for a shorter one with new chairs and have been adding my favorite Instagram prints on canvases:

2014-03-01 (08)

The new couch in the living room has been so nice – I’m loving how much space it provides!


The dresser that I sanded down was re-organized and we moved the TV up to a wall mount to create more space.

2014-02-28 (12)

After 6 years of staring at this ugly frog ceramic piece it was easily pried off the wall with a crowbar. Then the wall behind was patched and needs to painted next.

2014-02-28 (10)

Also in the main bath the faucet was replaced awhile back with a nice, new chrome one,

2014-02-28 (11)

The hall closet was painted in stripes using up a lot of my oops paint. I took out the little carpet square and installed tiles to match the bathroom floors. The top was painted white and I installed some baseboards and caulked the edges.

2014-02-28 (08)

The office has had the most changes recently, I gave away the file cabinet I got several months ago (long story) and I moved the Expedit for storage.

2014-03-01 (05)

Someone was selling an overstuffed chair and it fits next to my desk (new cover is on its way) and gets great morning sun:

2014-03-01 (02)

Oh, and I hung these cool bamboo shades in the office:

2014-03-01 (07)

Not sure that I ever showed the shelves I installed in the closet but they’re the perfect hideaway for my portable files:

2014-03-01 (04)On to the guest room!

In here the closet finally got baseboards,

2014-02-28 (13)

and am now organizing stuff from the closet,

2014-02-28 (15)

Master bedroom is next and the TV I bought back in November was almost ready to be mounted when we realized 2 washers, a bolt was missing and didn’t get it mounted. As soon as I get those parts it’ll get finished!

2014-02-28 (17)

Finally, in the Master bathroom we yanked out the toilet and sink, installed baseboard trim, chair rail and then the bead board in sections. Dad did the measurements including cutting out sections to fit around the pipes.

2014-02-27 (01)

2014-02-28 (02)

I still need to reinstall the baseboard on the left and then add an inside corner trim piece.

I still need to install a new mirror and sell the old one.

Next up: one new light inside and a few for the garage plus outlets galore.