Little updates

I have approximately 250 updates around the house to share and wow, do I have zero time to clean, photograph and post them on the blog.

It’s January 21st and it feels like it should be July. Or 2017 already.

Time is going faster and faster and since I’ve yet to achieve time freezing powers I just work with what I’ve got.

I told you about my new sofa – well I finally got the replacement parts so the chaise doesn’t collapse sideways. I’ll have a full review someday.


I did take down all the Christmas decorations. Eventually.

I’ve also been working in the garage, deciding how I can maximize space and make room for a new car. Just as soon as the old sofa is moved out I’ll be moving around all kinds of stuff to build a new workbench and storage.

I started with a pegboard by the backdoor which I painted Vintage Velvet blue:

photo 2

I also added some supports (so the pegboard hooks have room to hook)

photo 3

and done:

photo 1

Better pictures coming… later.

My kitchen also smells wonderful – thanks to 13 pounds of lemons I picked in Arbuckle and then juiced. I now have frozen lemon cubes and a carafe of juice for my tea.

photo 4In my office I recently added a file cabinet which, as soon as I fix the drawer slide, I’ll have to share that soon. It’s been quite an endeavor to fix.


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