Blog more, worry less

I’ve been thinking a lot about why I like blogging and how to get back in the habit this year. I’m not going to make any grand promises and I don’t care at all about sponsorships, ad revenue or subscriber counts.

I blog because writing is how I express myself. 

I blog because it’s a more permanent record than the dozens of faded journals cluttering up my office.

I don’t blog because I want to become famous, make lots of money or have “fans.”

No offense if you are a fan, I’m just not doing this blog to cater to the masses who would likely judge and criticize my every choice.

What I think helped is realizing what I like to read on blogs is different than what I like to write on my own. I’m not one for photoshopped vignettes of cookies and a sprig of mint or the most perfectly displayed holiday table.

I don’t have cute kids that pose for the camera or travel to new countries every few weeks.

Most of the drafts (uh… 21 of them) are just waiting for photos which tells me I need to be okay writing without pictures more often.

The dominance of Pinterest has created this stress of getting the right picture in perfect light and that’s just not realistic.

One project I do want to complete is to re-launch my home pages with new pictures since every single room was painted in the last 12 months. It’s challenging to a) deal with lingering piles of paper or clutter, b) get everything sparkly clean and c) keep it that way for 24 hours so I can photograph, edit and re-take if needed for a single page. Multiply that times 10 “spaces” and the yard and you can see why these things take me forever.

So unless it’s a really photo necessary post, I’ll probably be just writing more. Like now.

And before I get distracted by the internet or the dogs or something else entirely, I will just hit post.

One thought on “Blog more, worry less

  1. I love the idea of just blogging and not worrying about pleasing everyone. Just doing what works for you is best!! :] Go with the flow, and if not posting with pictures works for you, then go for it!

    Being a photographer myself, I know the feeling of needing to post pictures with posts, and I rarely do that anymore – a picture pops up now and then, but not as much as I see on other people’s posts, and I need to realize, that it’s fine. I don’t have to post pictures to make myself happy. ^_^

    Happy 2015! :]

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