The year of paint, and beyond

When I emptied out the living room back in February and started working on the living room ceiling I didn’t realize it would be a declaration that 2014 was the year of paint.

I painted the living room, dining room and hallway.

And the office.

Also the kitchen.

Then the guest room.

And the master bedroom.

I haven’t even shown you the paint in the master bath and hall closet yet.

The walls and ceilings weren’t the only makeovers.

2 new chairs were painted – yes with wall paint – as well as 2 outdoor tables. The fireplace mantle got a fresh coat of paint as did the tiles. I also stained home built shelves for the bathroom and a shelf in the living room but that doesn’t exactly count. I also spray painted an old mirror and some new lamps if spray painting counts.

So it probably won’t surprise you that I recently pulled out the brushes and cans again.

I’ll share that project soon.

If 2014 was the year of paint – as I declare it so – what will 2015 bring?

Well, in terms of bigger furniture planning, I’d like to replace my bar high table with a shorter one. While it’s served me well for 6 years, I’m looking for something more comfortable that I can makeover or possibly DIY.

Don’t look at me like that, I have power tools!

And since yanking my old headboard from the master bedroom has left me with a mattress up against the wall, I’d like to build a new bed frame so I can get my queen mattress off the metal railings. Again, served me well but time for something more sturdy, perhaps with storage?

Again, I’m considering a DIY if I can make some room in the garage for the build.

But I think the biggest project of 2015 will be tackling some exterior projects.

#1 on my list is new gutters. I know, I know, I’ve been talking about this forever and every winter I remember why it should have been done in the summer.

Replacing – at minimum – the length of gutters and downspouts along the side yard will enable me to start the next outdoor project: paint.

It’s like 2014 all over again!

Only this time I’ll be painting the exterior which is a daunting task.

Just the idea of buying that much paint is giving me fits so, just like every other project, I’m going to take it slow and work in sections. It may be a few months before I can begin painting on dry, warmer weekends so I have plenty of time to price shop the paint, gather supplies and replace damaged wood panels.

While this is not nearly as fun as picking out paint for the office or setting up the new guest room furniture I know it’s critical to a) improve the value of the house and b) keep out the elements so we don’t have bigger problems later.

My reach, omg if we could swing it that would be fantastic, goal is to replace the windows throughout the house, although the estimates are around $3,000 and it would mean losing my garden window which I irrationally love in the kitchen.

That pricing doesn’t include the sliding glass door in the master bedroom but if I could exchange that for something new for less than $1,000 I might just put that on the wish list too.

Right now I’m torn between beautiful glass french doors:

french doors

or a Dutch door so I could let in the pups or fresh air


Or a more solid door because between the dogs and rain the glass gets filthy way too quickly and then I could take down the 5′ of dark brown curtains and hang more pictures and… do you see why I have such a hard time making decisions? So many options!


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