No Christmas Tree, No Christmas Tree

in my house this year. And here’s the story about why.

Right about the time I was deciding if it was worth the effort to move the arm chair and haul home a tree during the “storm of the decade” and try to get it straight in a stand by myself and keep the dogs from peeing on it and decorate the whole thing for 3 weeks worth of enjoyment…

…I accidentally bought a sofa instead.

And instead of having 2 sofas and a Christmas tree to contend with this month I decided the $40 and 3 hours saved could just go to the sofa.

Since I know some people are impatient, here she is in all her glory:

photo (1)

Now, let me tell you all about my self justifications for buying this on a whim.

Much of my furniture was dirt cheap. In the master bedroom I have a free bed frame and side chair, nightstands that were $25 and a dresser from the “as-is” clearance at Ikea. And the woven foot chest was a clearance find from Target.

The guest room has a mattress and headboard that was free (from my grandparents), a foot chest that was a gift from mom and dad, a desk (also from mom and dad), a free side chair and an Ikea bookshelf I bought 3 years ago.


The office? Well, the desk and matching bookshelf came from my grandparents. I bought the Ikea bookshelf last year as well as the new chair and file cabinet on clearance at Staples (actually, I don’t think I’ve shown you those yet. It’s on the to do list.).

The living room had the sofa from my parents as well as a dresser they gave me to renovate, 2 arm chairs that were free and a $20 foot stool.

There are 3 Ikea bookshelves in the kitchen that I bought well over 8 years ago and got the kitchen table at a going out of business sale.

I don’t buy expensive furniture.

But I’ve known for awhile that I wanted a new couch – not just because the older one was purple.

2014 - living room wide shote

It was made by Ethan Allan so it’s incredibly well made, even if my Mom bought it sometime around 2000. It just wasn’t my style.

It wasn’t big enough.

It was just too low to easily get out of if you’re over 40.

I have an abnormal affection for the chaise.

And I draw the line at Ikea chairs. In my experience they’re just not comfortable and nice enough.

Enter Zulily.

Aka the website I need to block.

Because I was just browsing for gift ideas for my father when I saw it.


It was longer, it had a chaise, it was microfiber (aka easy to clean) and it was deliverable before Christmas.

Did I mention it was $350? Delivered. As in $10 shipping is my favorite thing.

So I clicked buy before I could think too hard but after I measured and on Tuesday UPS delivered 2 GIANT boxes from Sofab on my front door step, while I was gone, in the pouring rain.

The good news is that only the box was damaged by the rain – so no box forts for me – and the sofa was relatively easy to put together.

I plan on reviewing the whole “assemble a couch yourself” process because I found it much harder than the videos would lead you to believe.

Plus I need to do a little bit of surgery. Details on that when we’re done.

But for now I’m loving it. I will be changing up the shelf behind the couch soon so it’s the right depth – that might be my January “I need to build something” project. But the wood won’t go to waste, I’ve already decided where it’s going to be installed. Hint: garage.

I’ll be back with more pictures soon, but first the couch needs to be scotch guarded.


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