Revolving Door House Decor

Do you ever feel like your home is never “done”? I’m not talking about doing and re-doing a project just to have blog content, but continually making adjustments to elements around the house.

Here’s a few of the projects I’ve been working on lately:

New Foot Stool Fabric

While I really liked the navy chevron fabric, it got dirty pretty quickly and a few small tears were just making it look sloppy. I resisted changing the fabric because I still had nightmares about all those staples.

Finally I got the courage to tackle it and replaced the fabric with an outdoor teal and white striped print I picked up during an end of summer sale.

The padding was still insufficient (even after using a twin sized egg crate, bag of poly fill and batting) so I picked up another bag of thicker batting and used it along the edges.

It looks much cleaner now:



and I know that Wilson likes the extra padding:

Wilson on footstool

More canvas prints

Jo-Anns had a great half price sale on canvases so I bought 3 more for the 4″ square Instagram prints that I ordered. I got the new canvases finished so I’ll have a tutorial on that soon. Trying to get the collage in the dining room looking nice is another challenge entirely.

Swapping out pictures in the living room

I set up these prints when I finished the living room but have been looking for two replacement photos. After my trip to the Atlanta Aquarium, I selected two of my favorites to frame.

Here they are now:

2014-11-15 (5)

While I love the one on the right with the orange, I’d like to move the one on the let to the bathroom. So I’m looking for a new frame and print. See? Always changing!

And in the hallway

I’ve been moving around pics, framing a few more and am always on the lookout for more prints to frame.

Here’s the view from the living room:

2014-11-15 (1)

and the far end:

2014-11-15 (2)

A bath robe hook

I’m really beginning to hate towel rods for drying bath towels so I decided to try out these hooks from Home Depot. I took a spare piece of 8″ common that I used when making the living room shelf and stained it walnut to match the shelves. Then I added 3 hooks and screwed it into the wall (after painting the bathroom walls – more on that soon!).

2014-11-15 (4)

p.s. ignore the trim, I’m still working on painting and touch ups around the room!

Doggie bed switch

Jackson and the boys also got a new bed when I found this one for just $20. After I found Wilson standing on the kitchen counters one morning, I moved the wingback chair away from the countertop and put the dog bed in place.

jackson on bed

The large round bed is now tucked into the office closet and the dogs take turns napping while I work and the smaller square bed (which is ages old) is in the garage for Jackson to use when I have company.

Fall Decor

Finally, I added a few things to the living room mantle to celebrate fall. I swapped out the flowers for new ones, picked up some white pumpkins and a couple of candles and then pulled out the pumpkins from my craft stash.

Thanksgiving decor

They look really good lit up at night but I’m too lazy to light them up just for blog pictures:

Thanksgiving 2And all that Fall decor is now down since Christmas is on the horizon and I finally got some Christmas spirit. I might do a holiday post later but for now I’m find just enjoying it myself.

I didn’t mention a few other big changes in the living room but I’ll have more on that soon!



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