One night I read a book. Which isn’t all that unusual. But it happened to be the same night I was in the midst of writing a long, drawn out post about all the things I needed to do.

The book is Enough by Kate Conner, a friend who I first met during our college years at LU and who I’ve kept in touch with via her blog for years.

I’ll be honest, I bought the book because a) it was on sale on Amazon for Kindle and b) I like to support the endeavors of friends. Designed for teenage girls and their moms, I really didn’t have an immediate need but since I love Kate’s writing and story telling this particular night I opened it up on my iPad to read.


If you’re a mom of young girls then you need to read (this one) and pick up the companion for your teen (this one). In fact, I think by the time girls reach those precious teen years the foundation should already be in place.


But as I’m not a mother, the book had a different effect on me.

It got me thinking about what’s enough. For me.

There’s the obvious societal pressures that say you’re never thin, tanned, exfoliated, smooth, smart or rich enough for the world. Advertisers tell us our eyelashes could always be longer, lips fuller and hair shinier.

And while I’m incredibly proud of Kate for her books, publishing 2 before she turned 30 lit that flicker of doubt for myself – how much accomplishment is enough? Let’s not talk about the multitude of books I’ve started during NaNoWriMo and never finished.

I also consider accomplishments related to my work.

My business is going well, but is it making enough of an impact? Enough money? Enough media? I know some of this is the pressure from coaches who want you to feel as if you’re never doing enough and need their assistance to “grow your impact” or “uplevel your mindset.”

I also thought about the personal stuff that’s harder to categorize.

Like this blog, which got a new theme but I don’t know nearly enough to code by hand. There are plenty of projects I haven’t shared and the fast and furious nature of blogging makes you believe you’re not posting enough or somehow you fail at transparency.

And I bought a house at 24 with the help of my parents but it’s pretty modest. I read about people who pay off their mortgage in 5 years and don’t feel very accomplished. Of course I see all the flaws too. The yard isn’t big enough. I can’t keep plants alive long enough… you can see clearly how the these thoughts spiral out of control.

Whether or not you’re taking the lessons from Enough to your children, it’s a valuable question to resolve within yourself.

Take some time to reflect “is my life a result of the things I love to do, my passions and priorities or is it a result of feeling of inadequacy?” Anyone can discover what is enough in their own life and make adjustments accordingly.




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