Summer Recap 2014 : Part 3 the Guest Room

The kitchen wasn’t the only room to get a new paint job this summer. After painting the office a nice custom light turquoise, the guest room stood out like a sore thumb.

This is where we started:

DSC_0174 copyFirst I emptied the closet and painted it with the leftover ceiling paint. This was the second 2-gallon bucket of ceiling paint I’ve used up on this house and there’s more in my future.

The closet shelves needed a lot of TLC. Caulking. Scrubbing. Touch ups.

photo 2 (1)

Trying to paint the ceiling of a small space pretty much guarantees I’ll get paint in my hair at some point. I consider it a glimpse into my future with gray hair.

photo 3 (1)

Once the closet was dry I began to fill up the shelves with books and photos – some of my most bulky collections that I need to store for awhile. And the rest of the closet has Banker’s Boxes, craft stuff and my spare tables.

Then I worked my way around the room, painting over the smurf blue walls and covering it up with some Kilz primer. Then I painted the walls Frosted Jade in a flat finish from Behr. It’s just a few shades lighter than the custom color I used in the office and I really love how cool it makes the room feel.

photo 1 (1)

After moving out the bookshelves, I took out the mattresses and then rotated the bed frame back to its original position.


2012_01_22 (16)



While I did like the bed frame rotated 90 degrees, the head board completely blocked the window which kept out all the natural light.

The curtains, quilt, mirror and pictures came down as the rest of the paint went up.

Here’s the view from the door now:


Including just one of the Ikea bookshelves that came out of the office (the other 3 were sold):


The red leather chair covered with a canvas drop cloth made its way in:


The pillow case and twin-sheet-turned-curtain were $4 at a tag sale and coordinate nicely with the new paint color.

And this old footchest stores sheets and pillow cases as well as a handy seat for guests. The pictures around are my family frames.


I added a custom curtain rod and new curtains. It’s simply a 1/2″ copper pipe spray painted ORB and matching 1″ plastic electrical brackets. I screwed them right into the ceiling so it would hang evenly.


And under the window is a new to me desk that I talked about sanding and have left natural for now. It might get stained or waxed later on but for now it’s looking good.


I set up the spare computer and sewing machine here and will be getting the matching bench for the desk soon.

So that’s the guest room makeover!

psssst! if you missed it part 1 of the summer recap is here, and part 2 here.


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