Finding Your Motivation

There are a lot of times I get asked about the work I’ve done around the house – and how to stay motivated over long periods of time with so much going on.

Often I don’t really think I’m accomplishing that much. This blog is a hobby that I don’t make a dime from so naturally my attention is usually focused on my business. And although it’s been nearly 6 years of living here I’ve never done a major remodel. The kitchen is mostly the same, the only new floors have been in the bathroom and we’ve never done a major gut job – the closest was the master bath sink to replace an older cabinet.

2014-02-08 Master Bath 05

That shelf is actually a good example of my first strategy. Typically, I like to let ideas marinate because I’ve learned that snap decisions are usually bad ones. So while I’m watching a movie or working on the computer or avoiding doing the dishes at night I’m also thinking about what I need to tackle.

Then I research. A lot. After weeks or months of searching for materials, pricing out the project and mentally planning how it’s going to work I will finally make a move.

By this time I’m ready to see the final version so I try to make sure there’s nothing in the way of getting it done. So although I might build something very quickly the planning stage in my head takes ages.

The new lights, like the one below in the dining room, are another good example. I searched and searched before purchasing my new lights and then got the electrician to come out and install them all in just a few hours.


Another tactic I use is to determine an arbitrary order to my projects so the least fun tasks get done before the enjoyable stuff. A great example of this is my bedroom gallery wall. When I was putting together these prints I was super excited to get it installed.

Instead of immediately hanging pictures I decided to paint the walls first. After painting the guest room smurf blue then doing the ceiling I learned that scraping the ceiling needs to come first. Otherwise, ceiling dust covers the paint is never truly comes out. That thought process enabled me to first complete the ceiling, in the summer of 2012, then paint the ceiling and walls, and then I could install the gallery. Here it was at just the beginning with one print up:


The other motivating factor for finishing projects is sharing them with friends by inviting people over. And while it’s tempting to delay until “later” I’m finally, finally hosting an Open House aka a very belated House Warming party in a week!

So now alllll those little projects are going to get completed.



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