I must be getting old

because recently I keep thinking about my 30th birthday (in a month – eek!) and the stuff on my mental wishlist is boring.

Like knives. I know, not exactly an exciting gift but all of my knives are hand me down, dull, pieces of crap. A nice set of knives? Swoon.

And that wireless key entry for my car. Or at this point just a car wash since I’m drought compliant which means my car is filthy.

Plus a lot of household stuff like hardwood flooring for the bedroom and crown molding. Did I mention new gutters?

My town also has ridiculously hard water. As in I need to flush out the Keurig every month because of deposits on the water reserve. So I’ve been considering a water softener system for the garage. That’s totally an appropriate 30th bday present, right?

Home Depot has had stand alone cabinets and sinks on sale lately and I’m always tempted to throw one in the basket to replace the unit in the guest room. And if kitchen faucets were not $200 each I’d have replace the silver/gold/white combo in the kitchen.


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