Computer Free Productivity

Well, I’d hoped to add the second post about all my work done this summer but I’m still waiting on a furniture delivery.

So instead I thought I’d share what kind of things I did over the 4 days I was computer free while my Mac received a new hard drive.

First up I made a complete list of tasks that I could do without the use of my computer while I started working on transferring files to an external hard drive.

I replaced the door knob strikes behind a few doors since the old ones were gunky

photo 3 (1)I also replaced the doorbell with a new model but haven’t taken any pictures. Imagine a little white box and there you go.

Using my laminator and some wishi tape I finally made labels for the $1 storage bins in the garage:

photo 2My nightstands from the master bedroom got a new paint job after I picked up a quart of black glossy paint from Behr:

photo 3More on that in a later post. I also picked up some contact paper and lined the shelves in the master bath and used the clean slate as motivation to clear out a bunch of old stuff.

photo 1 (1)Awhile back I ordered 48 prints from my Instagram feed and bought a few canvases from Amazon. I paint the edges black to help disguise the seams when I modge podge the photos in place. These went up in the dining room:
photo 4 (1)And finally, after getting back the sewing machine, I hemmed the edges of these curtain panels and hung the wire kit from Ikea. While the bottom edges still need to be hemmed, I am already loving the curtains (and the privacy):

photo 1But it wasn’t all work while the computer was in the shop, I took the little dogs to the beach on Friday:


Picture taken before I got really sunburned 🙂 and the dogs were worn out and half asleep before we even left the parking lot.

photo 4This is barely half of the projects I tackled over the last week but as I continue to transfer files back to the computer I’ll work on uploading my pictures to share those soon.






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