My week in pictures

So I’ve fallen WAY behind on the weekly photo dump, mostly because as soon as I returned from Cabo my phone died and I hate, hate how the iPhone imports photos.

No, I don’t want to use iPhoto. Just import my damn files.

Anywho, now that I’ve maxed out my storage I’m getting more diligent at downloading the photos regularly.

Here’s a glimpse of my week:

Nixon continues to sleep in the most uncomfortable, awkward positions…

2014 iPhone 8


Trying to keep all the dogs off the fabric I’m working on has been a challenge.

2014 iPhone 1

I’ve been painting. Again. I’m sure no one is surprised.

2014 iPhone 28

I got the chance to hang out with the lovely Ana this week.

2014 iPhone 22

Here’s a peek at the new bedroom paint from the office:

2014 iPhone 29

The dogs are loving the bed piled high with pillows. I found them in there taking naps on Saturday:

2014 iPhone 16

2014 iPhone 17

Oh and this weekend had the most beautiful sunsets in ages:

ezine 10-1-14 (1)


I must be getting old

because recently I keep thinking about my 30th birthday (in a month – eek!) and the stuff on my mental wishlist is boring.

Like knives. I know, not exactly an exciting gift but all of my knives are hand me down, dull, pieces of crap. A nice set of knives? Swoon.

And that wireless key entry for my car. Or at this point just a car wash since I’m drought compliant which means my car is filthy.

Plus a lot of household stuff like hardwood flooring for the bedroom and crown molding. Did I mention new gutters?

My town also has ridiculously hard water. As in I need to flush out the Keurig every month because of deposits on the water reserve. So I’ve been considering a water softener system for the garage. That’s totally an appropriate 30th bday present, right?

Home Depot has had stand alone cabinets and sinks on sale lately and I’m always tempted to throw one in the basket to replace the unit in the guest room. And if kitchen faucets were not $200 each I’d have replace the silver/gold/white combo in the kitchen.

Summer Recap 2014 : Part 2 the Living Room

Okay, recap #2 is now recap #3 because it’s going to be a few more days until I get a piece of furniture delivered.

This summer saw a bunch of little changes in the living room so I wanted to recap them all in one place.  Starting at the front door I added the Lynas rug from Ikea. It’s the same look as the older one but just larger and only $5.


Then I replaced the door strike from this ugly, gunky, never could clean one, to a fresh new one. Yuck:


Did you notice that I got a new light switch? Of course not, unless you’re a stalker. It went from a single box to a double because I finally got the new living room light installed!

photo 2

It’s not only gorgeous but it throws off a ton of light and keeps a previously dark room nice and bright. It’s also on a dimmer so I can turn down the level from “surface of the sun” to “read without staining my eyes” and once more to “nifty nightlight.”

photo 3

Also this summer, I moved the white bookshelves out of the guest room, they’re now in dining room, flanking the kitchen table.


The dining nook has gone through a lot of changes but moving in these 2 bookshelves has been great. I think I was unconsciously relegating my books to the bedrooms because that’s where they lived when I was growing up. Bringing them out has been a giant “I own the whole house, bitches!” moment.


There’s a third bookcase in this set, but much smaller. It’s now under the window in the living room since I can’t put anything there that would enable the dogs to climb on the kitchen counter:


To the left of the bookshelf you can see the second wingback chair which has a completed makeover. I first removed the busted seat cover and replacing the zipper (well, Ana did the sewing!) and then restuffed the seat.


Then I went over it with the same Frosted Jade paint as I used in the guest room, mixed with fabric medium (more details on that in this post). You can see above that the side showing and seat need another layer of paint.

Behind the chair you can probably see the new curtains! The curtain rod is actually a 1/2″ copper pipe, cut to fit the window and secured to the ceiling drywall by 1″ electrical fittings. This allows the tabbed curtains to pull back and forth and the whole set up was $12 (not including the spray paint which I already owned).


I’ve kept the white Roman shade I made up for now but might change it out when the windows get replaced.

And I moved over the blue rug to anchor this little sitting area.

On the other side of the room I added a new shelf behind the couch which is perfect for drinks, remote controls and my charging station.


There’s a gap in the back to run wires and I may add another bracket to support the 8″ wide piece of common board (stained Jacobean). The wood was maybe $12? and 4 brackets were $16 from Ikea. Already had the stain on hand.

I also brought in the small shelf that I made for the master bathroom to see how I like it here holding blankets, heating pads and extra throw pillows:


And so far it’s working out well! I like to live with things for awhile to see how it fits so it might just move again.


There is one more big change coming to the living room but it’s likely a few weeks away. For now I’m enjoying the bright lights, new textured curtains and rugs and trying to keep this room clean and clear!


Computer Free Productivity

Well, I’d hoped to add the second post about all my work done this summer but I’m still waiting on a furniture delivery.

So instead I thought I’d share what kind of things I did over the 4 days I was computer free while my Mac received a new hard drive.

First up I made a complete list of tasks that I could do without the use of my computer while I started working on transferring files to an external hard drive.

I replaced the door knob strikes behind a few doors since the old ones were gunky

photo 3 (1)I also replaced the doorbell with a new model but haven’t taken any pictures. Imagine a little white box and there you go.

Using my laminator and some wishi tape I finally made labels for the $1 storage bins in the garage:

photo 2My nightstands from the master bedroom got a new paint job after I picked up a quart of black glossy paint from Behr:

photo 3More on that in a later post. I also picked up some contact paper and lined the shelves in the master bath and used the clean slate as motivation to clear out a bunch of old stuff.

photo 1 (1)Awhile back I ordered 48 prints from my Instagram feed and bought a few canvases from Amazon. I paint the edges black to help disguise the seams when I modge podge the photos in place. These went up in the dining room:
photo 4 (1)And finally, after getting back the sewing machine, I hemmed the edges of these curtain panels and hung the wire kit from Ikea. While the bottom edges still need to be hemmed, I am already loving the curtains (and the privacy):

photo 1But it wasn’t all work while the computer was in the shop, I took the little dogs to the beach on Friday:


Picture taken before I got really sunburned 🙂 and the dogs were worn out and half asleep before we even left the parking lot.

photo 4This is barely half of the projects I tackled over the last week but as I continue to transfer files back to the computer I’ll work on uploading my pictures to share those soon.





Summer Recap 2014 : Part 1 the Kitchen

Since I have so many house updates to share I thought I’d break this out into sections to make it easier to digest.

True story, I originally labeled these posts “Summer Recap 2015” because that’s how tired I am after this summer.

I’m currently up to 4 posts but just might reach 5.  You might want to make yourself a cup of coffee.

In fact, I’m starting today in the kitchen which you probably remember like this:

2011_08_24 (11)While I love the red, red wine, after painting the living room Dolphin Fin gray I was ready for a change. Here’s what the kitchen looks like now:

2014-08-24 (14)One day I might repaint the kitchen cabinets but they’re holding up pretty well.

I started by cleaning off the counter tops and priming over the dark red.

Oh. My. God. I forgot how much I hate painting this room. It was the first one I did back upon closing in 2008 (because it was a god awful pinkish red) and I’d completely forgotten how these corners were so obnoxious.

Trying to take down the brackets? Horrible.

photo 2(1)Just horrible.

photo 1(2) I patched all the holes and wanted to start by caulking all the seams. Thankfully after priming the south wall the ants found a plant I re-potted (dear ants, that was not for you…) and were able to trace them back to their entry point. And then caulked the entire window including the hole. That combined with another layer of ant poison outside eliminated 90% of the problem.

Choosing the paint color was the most difficult piece but I already had a great color in the living room. When I was choosing that paint, I had a few other samples – one which ended up on the door to the garage.

2014 - dining room finalIt’s a custom color match from Sherwin Williams but I got a quart in eggshell from Behr. Here’s the first coat:

photo 3and final coat:

2014-08-24 (08)After getting the first coat on well, I touched up the edges and remembered again how much I hate this room.

There are no pictures of me working so let me paint one: it was August, 90 degrees with 50% humidity and I was balancing precariously on the counter top to reach into the corners.

Oh, and in full view of everyone coming and going because the shades were removed.

After the paint dried I reinstalled all the plate covers and shades. The brackets for the mini blinds stayed down though because I am designing a solution that you’re going to love.

Another view:

2014-08-24 (02)Here’s that horrible corner.

2014-08-24 (07)The plants on the top of the fridge are getting plenty of light and are easier to remember to water:

2014-08-24 (15)plus I finally have my Keurig hooked back up for morning coffee.

2014-08-24 (12)And while I need to pick up some supplies so I can get the windows covered, I’m glad that paint job is done. Except behind the fridge. At some point I’ll pull it out and paint behind but that can wait.

In the next edition of “what Kelly did this summer” I’ll share the other room I painted.