August Updates

I read a post from another blogger recently that started with promising not to apologize for the length of time since the last post.

I like that.

Mostly because life has been moving like a bullet train this summer.

While I’m hoping to have a detailed, photo-heavy post for you around Labor Day here are some of the changes, big and small, happening around the casa.

California is a in a super drought. Like, no rainfall and yikes we’re running out of water drought. So predictably my lawn is drying up and even the flower bed out front is looking a bit pathetic.

This year I opted to skip the big flower bonanza that I usually fall into for that reason. While I’d like to get the replacement flower bed out front done before fall I’m not going to hold out hope.

Yet, the flowers behind the gate are thriving on active neglect and miniscule amounts of water.

Specifically the lantana which are taking over and going vertical (I’m shopping for some lattice now…) and a volunteer plant which took me a month to identify. Turns out I have a cantaloupe magically growing and 3 large melons almost ready to be harvested.

The guest room has a completely new look and I’ve moved around some furniture so you can enjoy the view of the backyard again (previously the bed blocked the window almost entirely). I have some furniture arriving soon to finish off this space and need to do some artwork on the wall but it’s looking really nice and I can’t wait to show it to you.

Also getting a makeover this summer is the kitchen, mostly due to the never ending ants that just won’t leave us alone. I’m working to seal up all their entry spots and remove anything that they want to eat which means the dining table is pretty full of stuff from the kitchen counters as I clean.

The ants also found my cough drops in the medicine boxes and I did a complete organization.

Adding to the chaos this month, the outdoor side by side fridge/freezer went out so I emptied it, cleaned out a bunch of bad food and gave it to someone who could recycle the parts. With that gone I had a bunch of shuffling to do in the garage and it looks so very different. I have so much room, in fact, the car is now parked inside which is heavenly on those hot summer afternoons when I need to run errands and the interior is no longer hotter than asphalt.

Of course I continue through it all to declutter, another 4 bags are going to Goodwill this week and I’ll soon make a pass through all the glass bottles and small containers I have outdoors. It’s constantly back and forth because while I am actively downsizing so are my parents so I’m also getting boxes of stuff from their house to decide how to store, donate or use.

So all of those updates and more are coming soon!