Paint, paint and more paint

Looking over my home page recently I realized that I’d done a few paint projects and never updated the blog.

First up is the hallway which got a fresh coat of paint right after I finished turning the living room dolphin fin gray. The living room was the biggest transformation, going from a muddy light brown to pale, neutral gray.

DSC_0036The hallway flows from the entryway down to all 3 bedrooms, hall closet and main bathroom so it got the same Behr dolphin fin as the living room:

2014-07-05 (08)Getting around all those door frames was a challenge (6 total) and it highlighted that I need to do another coat of white on the frames and doors. Someday.

2014-07-05 (06)While I was painting the hallway I took out the old doorbell chime, which was broken and an eyesore.

Since I haven’t had time to replace it with a wireless model just yet I picked up a solid face plate and painted it gray to match. See if you can spot it:

2014-07-05 (05)It’s not as exciting as Where’s Waldo but here’s the clue:

2014-07-006Nice right?

I haven’t brought in too many picture frames just yet – I’m just working on narrowing down the collection. Currently all of those extra frames are in the hall closet which many months ago looked like this:

2011_08_13 (41)Classy.

So I painted it with some leftover oops paint in blue:

IMG_0776One more shot:

IMG_0777I also grabbed the spotlights that had been installed in my master bedroom and added them here, including an extension cord to the master bedroom outlet.

The top shelf used to hold the cleaning supplies and medicines but since we needed access to the crawl space for the light install I’ve kept it empty for now.

Additionally this year, the office got repainted and I detailed that in this post

DSC_0364As well as the living room walls in this post and the fireplace in this one.

DSC_0350You might be able to tell I’m going much lighter with my paint choices as I continue to downsize and organize the house.

What room do you think I’ll be painting next: guest room, master bedroom, kitchen or bathrooms?