Project Overload

It can be really depressing to me to read other DIY and decor blogs.

For one, they almost all have seemingly unlimited time and energy and money to make over their huge homes and sprawling gardens.


Instead of getting cranky comparing progress, I just refocus on what I’m working on and what’s next.

Because although I work way more hours than normal in my business and have a teeny tiny budget for remodeling and decor, I’d still like to get some things done this decade.

Such as…

Finishing the velvet chairs – probably highest on my “let’s get this done” list right now, except finding the Paint Medium has been challenging. So I keep working on it one bottle at a time and I’m happy that the first chair is 80% done. Need to work a little more on the cushion (those edges are a pain to paint) and hopefully this one can be done before August. Especially since I’ve stolen the slip covered chair from the living room.

DSC_0303Sanding and painting outdoor tables – these were given to me by my parents and have yet to be finished. They go with the Adirondack chairs in the backyard so I might paint them the same blue… or stain them… or go white… you see what the problem is. Indecision. Oh and sanding the red stain turns my skin a nice red and when I sneeze it looks like blood. Nasty work. While the sander is out…

Sand and refinish the kitchen table

This has sadly become a necessity over the past few years. When I bought my kitchen table there was on side with deep gouges that I’ve sanded, patched with wood filler and sanded again. But it looks horrible (that side is always up against the wall) and there’s stains on the top from glue which don’t wash off.

So… that’s going to be fun.

Then, sand and refinish the foot chest

This was a piece of furniture I got years ago from my parents and Wilson, then a wee pup, nibbled on. It needs to be stripped down, sanded well and repainted, preferably white.

There’s really nothing standing in the way of doing it… just the will to drag it to the garage and work out there in 100 degree weather. Maybe I’ll work on that in the fall when things cool down a bit. Here’s a very old pic of it in the living room (pre-paint and fireplace makeover):

2012_11_24 (17)Attempt to plank the wall at the end of the hallway

Why? Because the texture on that section is all messed up and I think white planks would look really good. It’s a short space so I’m willing to give it a try.

What’s stopping me? Well, I don’t own a nail gun for one, and I need to price the planks and find out how much this will cost me. I want it to look like this:

WhitePlankWallOutside, yank down those gutters and put up new ones

I’m pretty sure one of these days I’m just going to go postal and pull down the gutters. Someday soon. They’re horrid and I can’t wait to get new ones in place. If I had some assistance my first task would be measuring the runs and pricing all my material since I’m going to be re-routing those down spouts into water barrels.

Major hold up: help installing and cash. They’re not going to be cheap and every summer I promise to get them replaced before Winter.

Paint the exterior

One of the things I loved about the house (way back when I bought it) was that it matched the other half-plex so it didn’t look mis-matched. Well, they went and painted a few years ago and now I’m looking forward to painting my side to match.

However, it would take a helleva lot of time on a ladder and I don’t even want to think about how much that much paint is going to cost. Would it be tacky to go one section at a time? I hope not…

2011_07_30 (03)Plant a tree

As you can see in the old pic above, I used to have a tree in the front yard. It died and was yanked but now I have just one – the sugar maple by the kitchen that’s already messing up my walkway with its growing roots.

So I’d like to plant two crepe myrtle trees in the front yard, just enough to shade the driveway in the morning and close enough together for a hammock if I were so inclined.

Now if only I had the tools to dig the holes and a truck to bring home a few saplings… this would be higher up on the list.

Finally, and most expensively, replace my windows

I only have 7 windows + the sliding glass door in the whole house. That’s it. And 3 of them are in the kitchen. So it won’t be too bad to replace these old fellas to new and energy friendly ones but it’s still expensive. As I replace them though, I’d like to get natural shades or wood blinds. The faux roman shades I made awhile back and nice for now but I would really like some classy looking ones.

Especially in the office because when the sun rises it is blinding!


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