New Pin Board

When I first made over this pin board I made a few mistakes.

#1 I didn’t fully sand the frame which was plastic and cracked. So it didn’t take the spray paint well. #2 I trimmed the fabric to fit just within the frame which scratched up the white paint. Annoying.

photo 1(2) photo 2(2)So this time around I chose a fabric that would cover the cork and frame entirely.

First up I did the worst piece, ironing the fabric so it would lay flat.  I had these 3 to choose from but I really liked the one on the far left (and Tressa agreed!) DSC_0349Oh and I checked the fabric and it was just light enough that the other pattern was showing through. I grabbed the ceiling paint and a throw away sponge brush from the garage and did a thin layer to make it (mostly) white before starting. It was so hot here it took 5 minutes to dry!

DSC_0355Then I centered the fabric and added a staple so it wouldn’t shift around. Flipping it over I began to pour on the mod podge, spreading it out thinly with another sponge brush.

Sorry, no pics, I was working fast to keep it centered and to secure the fabric before the glue dried up. I moved across the board in sections, smoothing the fabric in place and when I got to the other end I started adding the decorative nail trim:

DSC_0357I didn’t go nuts by spacing them out perfectly, it’s really just to secure the fabric so it wouldn’t tent out.

photo 3(2)With the nails in place I flipped the piece over and added a bunch of staples, most of which needed to be hammered in all the way:

DSC_0356Finally I trimmed the fabric piece and let everything dry for awhile before hanging it in the office:

DSC_0360And of course filling it with notes, reminders and fun things (with a slightly more realistic wall paint hue):

photo(4)I picked this remnant up for $4 months ago with no idea where it would end up but I absolutely love it here! I paid $5 for 3 packs of nail trim (1.99 each pack and I had a 40% off coupon for one of them) so the total makeover cost is under $10 since I already owned the mod podge and nail gun. Not bad!


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