Mirror Makeover

As I’m working on painting and improving the living room my goal is to re-use or repurpose as much as I can. This is the story of the mirror.

I have a variety of mirrors in my home – such as this one in the master bedroom,

DSC_0165this one in the guest room,

2012_02_24 (11)and this new one in the entry way.

photo(2)The main bathroom has a trio of mirrors:

2011_11_23 (18)And the master bath has this large piece:

2011_05_30 (07)But one of my favorites is this one over the fireplace that I got from my Grandma when she moved to assisted living. It’s not an heirloom piece by any means and the frame is plastic. Here’s what the mirror (and living room) used to look like:
2012_11_24 (08)I’m pretty sure the mirror came from TJ Maxx.

Either way, I wasn’t going to cry over painting it, especially since the brown/bronze thing wasn’t matching the new lighter living room and fireplace.

It came down when I was working on the ceiling and then through painting the walls. Eventually I moved the whole mirror to the table and laid it atop of drop cloth, propped up on Styrofoam leftover from the lights I installed here.

First up I cleaned the mirror and frame:

IMG_0701then I taped off the glass with newspaper, lining the edge with green painter’s tape. First up was a matte gray to cover the brown:

IMG_0705It took several thin coats to get into all those grooves but when I was done it looked a little dull so I spiced it up with some metallic silver:

IMG_0707I just kept going over the frame in small batches, letting the thin layers dry in between, until it got to the sheen I wanted. Then I took off the newspaper and rehung it on the wall and it was perfect!

Which is of course a lie…

IMG_0718When I hung it up (above) the finish was bugging me. I kept finding places where the finish wasn’t uniform. Also, doesn’t it look like Ironman is judging it? I think so.

So it came off the wall again and this time just using the metallic silver I touched it up again:


ta da! so much better, don’t you think?

If I recall the cans of spray paint were $4-6/each so let’s average it at $10 for this mirror makeover.

And I might be the only one who does this but I know the price of every mirror in the house. Weird, right? From cheapest to most expensive we have the guest room = $3, fireplace $10, entryway $17, master bedroom $20, master bath $27 and 3 in the main bath $60.

$137 total dollars (over 5.5 years) is not bad at all for a house full of mirrors, none of which are builder grade. The slabs that used to be up in the bathrooms were given away on Freecycle and the old entry way mirror from Ikea is for sale.


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