Changes in the Office

A few weeks ago I started working in the office to organize and re-arrange the furniture and then paint.

First up, I moved the desk back in front of the window – leaving enough room in the back for the power cords.

DSC_0343By the way, yes those are Christmas lights outside the window. They go all along the side yard since I have no outdoor lighting on that side of the house.

The bookshelf I had in here didn’t have enough storage so I stole to Expedit bookcase I bought at Ikea for the guest room closet.

DSC_0342Here’s what it’s storing:

bookshelf annotated

On the other side of the desk is the short oak bookshelf and since most of the old stuff has moved around I’m using it to stage crap as I figure out where it’s going to go next. Classy, I know.

DSC_0346The shelf that began in the master bedroom and moved to the living room has now migrated to the office on the awkward 5th wall that’s really hard to furnish. The shelf now holds a few bright colored organizers, baskets for my label makers and a handful of binders:

photo 4(1)

photo 5Right underneath the shelf is my awesome fold up tredmill so I can exercise while working on the iPad:

DSC_0340The closet went back to neutral and I covered up the old green color with white ceiling paint. I’m working on adding some shelves for my file boxes and totes but for now they’re just stacked up on one side of the closet:

DSC_0348For awhile I had Jackson’s crate in the office (the biggest one I own) but kept hitting my toe and scratching my legs on the frame. So it went back to the garage and I just used the square dog bed and some blankets and old pillows:

photo(3)While the walls are still pretty empty I did add some things like my huge Post-it notes in 2 spots, the blue ones above the oak bookshelf and the bright pink ones just to the right of the desk:

DSC_0341Additionally, I rehung my diploma and added posters in the closet to track marketing metrics:

DSC_0339Last but not least I decided to revamp the cork board I had from Grandma’s shed. Here’s what it used to look like:

DSC_0179while I really liked the geometric pattern it was just too dark for the lighter paint. Oh yeah, I painted the walls a new custom color from Behr. It came from a wedding invite that I loved and color matched.

photo 1(1)I worked around the room doing one wall at a time:

photo 2(1)And just love the new minty green, beach like color that’s so relaxing.

Back to the pin board… I tested out a few new fabrics next to the new wall color to decide which one I like best – next time I’ll share which one I chose and how it looks in the room!

DSC_0349What’s your vote for the best pattern?


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