This is all my fault

I’ve been thinking about the future of this blog lately and wondering what I should do next. The posts have slowed down even if my work around the house is speeding up.

Today I realized the problem. Everything on my business blog is planned. Calculated. Measured. And as a result there a lack of spontaneity. That’s fine.

But it’s definitely spilled over here where I am half writing posts and then adding to them but not hitting publish because I need to finalize photos or something.

This blog is first and foremost mine. I don’t have ads or sponsors because I don’t want to pursue any goals but my own and this whole thing started as a photo and memory journal for my first house.

Maybe I’ll end it when I move, maybe I won’t. But I will definitely be going back to the spirit that made this blog fun in the first place and that’s the unstructured, low stress nature of My Friend Kelly.

Which is ironic because it’s nothing like me in that way!


Today is Saturday and I have no idea how it got to be May so soon! It feels like Spring has been here since December though and the only notable difference is that the garden centers have all their flowers on sale.

I currently have 4 hydrangea plants in my garden boxes that aren’t dead yet!

This morning was productive, even if midnight to 3am was riddled with insomnia and YouTube videos. My goal today is to completely exhaust myself and spend a few hours at the gym if I can’t sleep so I fall asleep before midnight.

To that goal, I have already cleaned up mushrooms and dog poop in the backyard – the mushrooms tell me that I may be watering too late. The sprinklers go off at 12:36am (ask me how I know THAT) and while I’m glad the water doesn’t evaporate, it may be keeping the grass wet too long and nurturing those disgusting fungi.

I only water for 5 minutes because we’re in a drought and all but since I’m not washing my car, I figured I could keep watering for 5 minutes a night. A midnight.

One way I’m saving energy is with the new water heater we installed in April. The old one sprung a leak and proceeded to bathe my garage for a few days. While I like the new one I really, really want to replace the box it’s propped up on. You know, the box that had water and mold and nastyness on it for weeks? That one.

Perhaps my priority right now though is 1) to power wash everything I can reach with the sprayer I borrowed from Dad and 2) add some side shelving to my office and guest room closets.

The office also got a makeover this morning, simply by moving the desk (again) and bringing in a new bookshelf to organize. Also in here is the gigantic dog crate that was given to me some time ago but someone. It’s big enough for Jackson so I put his old square bed in there along with a blanket for burrowing and the dogs have a new favorite spot in my office.

Which is great if it keeps Nixon off window sills.

Well, I am almost out of coffee and my to do list is 17 miles long today. If I have time later I’ll try to figure out how to import my Instagram feed since I’m posting pictures with little bits of commentary there every day or so and really liking that medium.


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