Hallway Progress

The last time I updated on the hallway was back in November 2012 when I finished scraping the ceiling, patching and sanding it and then painting. I was trying to procrastinate from my novel and after working on the hallway I did the office ceiling too.

In late 2012 we finally finished installing the baseboards in this section of the hallway but I never got around to posting it. Here’s the really old before:

DSCI0070This is an old pic before I painted the wall (you can see here where the bookshelf was attached on the wall) and before the doors went white.

For the longest time I had a big picture frame hanging here:

2012_02_15 (29)Here’s the after:

baseboardsThe phone cord in the first photo is no longer needed now that I have the phone jack in the office repaired and the wireless router in the office.

Even though the baseboard were installed, I still needed to do the finish work by filling in the nail holes, edges and seams with caulk so I started on that and worked my way down the entire hallway.

Back when I did the ceiling paint I also filled in any gaps at the top of the door frames so the last step will be to touch up white paint on the door frames.

After rearranging furniture in the master bedroom, the white bookshelf needed a new home so it ended up here:

Hallway 2014_03_10 (01)This single bookshelf holds the books I want to keep – either business books for reference, art books that I love or classics that I re-read. There’s room for more but I’m trying to keep it simple, finishing up the unread books on this shelf and deciding if I want to keep them.

The bottom shelf has magazines but I’m seriously cutting back on what I keep. I have boxes of magazine tear outs so I go through spurts of scanning them for Pinterest or my computer or just throwing them all away.

Hallway 2014_03_10 (02)Pinterest is the new magazine stack anyway. With fewer advertisements.

One of the reasons I’m not investing much in the bookshelf here is because it’s pretty dinged up and I’d like to replace this wall with planks.

Like these:


Or this:


I think it would be nice to have that detail and with the easy to install tongue and groove systems they sell easy to build. Now that I have an electric saw I’ll just need to borrow a nail gun.

But in the meantime, this is my mini hallway update.

Hallway 2014_03_10 (03)


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