InstaFriday: Post-Cabo Edition

Oh I am missing Cabo… it was a rough week at home with the rain, responsibilities… email…

I started out by picking up a ton of fruit and veggies from the co-op since my fridge was pretty empty

Screenshot 2014-03-11 22.35.30

I forgot how much I love fresh pineapple in my smoothies! Also, salsa. Yummy.

I’ve been picking out fabric for this quilt for months and seeing it pieced together has been awesome! We’re working on the border now and then will choose the fabric for the back panel.

Screenshot 2014-03-11 22.34.17One of the things I found when I got home was that pavement ants had burrowed up from the cracks in the driveway, built their little hills in my garage and were not paying rent! The nerve. Now I sweep out the garage every day or two and am about to engage in some chemical warfare.

Screenshot 2014-03-11 22.34.58Luckily the garden is blooming! These tulips are above to push up and the mint is absolutely thriving after being cut way back. The whole planter box can fill 50, 60 mojitos. Come on over.

Screenshot 2014-03-11 22.35.07To say the boys were happy to have me home is a bit of an understatement. They would not leave my side. These 3 are the reason I have a brown couch cover and warm feet.

Screenshot 2014-03-11 22.31.57Another shot of the garden, this time the raised garden bed in the side yard. I filled up these boxes with 10 cu ft of dirt plus half of my compost bin (which has turned trash into nutrient rich soil!). There’s now enough dirt to cover the soaker hoses in a few inches of soil so it’s less likely to evaporate when I water.

Screenshot 2014-03-11 22.27.43And since I have been looking for a way to upgrade this plot in the back yard, I built another raised garden bed this week for this geranium:

Screenshot 2014-03-11 22.35.49

These two. They crack me up. Wilson is my calm one while Nixon is all kinds of crazy. The look Wilson is giving me as Nix pawed at his face while licking his nose cracked me up. I think it’s the universal look of an eternally patient big brother.


Screenshot 2014-03-11 22.34.39Alyssum gets my vote as the most hardy plant ever – it’s survived year round and is looking healthy and spreading fast.

Screenshot 2014-03-11 22.35.19If you’re wondering why I have so many flower pictures it’s because the California weather has looked like this:

Screenshot 2014-03-11 22.28.00crazy, right? The fields are filling in, the sky is blue and those clouds are just joking.

Finally, this week marked the 5th anniversary of my Grandma passing. Hence the selfie with her coffee mug in her honor:

Screenshot 2014-03-11 22.32.16

Today I’m jetting off again on a short trip – can’t wait to share the pictures from this coming weekend!



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