Kitchen Update

It’s been awhile since I blogged about my kitchen, mostly because it’s small, I’m not planning on remodeling anytime soon and I’d rather NOT spend much time in there. But after getting a few new Christmas presents and bringing in some much needed color, I thought an update post was in order.

Also, I just cleaned it so this is photographic proof.

My only tip for cleaning the kitchen is to start in the corner that no one sees. It’s really easy to start on the end that’s visible from the living room and then ignore those hidden corners. Work backwards.

For me that means this corner by the fridge:

Kitchen 2014_03_08 (02)

From right to left I have:

  • a bright tray that holds my reusable water bottles
  • the toaster
  • my new Cuinsart blender
  • a teal basket for the extra blender parts

I really love these water bottles and picked up a second set of 5 because I go through 3-5 each day. Instead of filling them up every hour, I just dump any leftover water in the sink, put the lid in the small teal tin and then refill then before bed.

20131105_123648Also, they take 25 seconds to fill from the fridge water dispenser so I do calf exercises from my personal trainer 🙂

The next piece of counter top is the coffee corner. Mom and Dad gave me a Keurig for Christmas so it’s in the corner (these suckers are heavy!) with accessories nearby.

Kitchen 2014_03_08 (03)From right to left:

  • ceramic strawberry that holds tea baskets for loose tea
  • basket for K-cups which is empty because they’re on order
  • Coffee ceramic that holds tea bags
  • Keurig
  • round basket for my teal coffee cups (set of 4)

I like having all my coffee and tea together, the drawer underneath the toaster has more tea bags and individual servings of local honey.

Next up is sink adjacent – because my sink is at an odd angle, it’s hard to have much here.

Kitchen 2014_03_08 (05)From right to left:

  • ceramic strawberry strainer that’s holding sugar packets
  • green ceramic basket, currently holding tomatoes
  • teal drying mat with my blender in pieces
  • Pur water filter

I find it handy to keep the water filter right here instead of in the fridge. When full it only fills 2 water bottles so I tend to use it for cooking or refilling the Keurig.

Behind the sink we have another odd triangle:

Kitchen 2014_03_08 (12)So behind the sink there are a few of my bike collection, with one basket holding onions.

The other sink adjacent corner is more practical:

Kitchen 2014_03_08 (11)From right to left:

  • small ceramic pitcher for my scrub brush
  • red basket for dish soap, hand soap, sink stoppers and sponge
  • red heart shaped ceramic for scrubbing towels
  • kitchen scale, currently holding garlic

Right next to the stove I have 2 teal containers from Target, I think they’re for plants but I use them for cooking utensils:

Kitchen 2014_03_08 (10)And behind the stove within reach is a basket of cloth napkins and hot pads and a white caddy with plastic utensils and paper napkins:

Kitchen 2014_03_08 (09)And then the clean counter at the end of the kitchen:

Kitchen 2014_03_08 (08)There you have it, my organized kitchen – well the counters at least! I’ve been able to downsize most of what I’m storing in the cabinets so once I fix a lower cabinet with better storage I hope to have a tutorial for you!


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