Organizing at Home : Media

Recently I made a big switch and decided to get rid of all of my DVD cases. I’m keeping the movies but displaying them all is not necessary.

I took all the DVDs out of the cases and then gave away the cases on Freecycle. I sold the 3 DVD towers that used to be in the living room here:

DSC_0044I used a few tools to organize the discs, based on the type of movie. Since I collect a good number of TV series those are all in Case Logic black cases – including several DVD sets that consist of multiple movies. There’s also a smaller case full of kid’s movies.

It looks like this:

DVDcaseThis is not my case, it’s a stock photo from Amazon because I’m too lazy to photograph mine.

The majority of the movies went into double sided case logic sleeves alphabetically and, since I needed some organization I used card stock cut down to size and then used wishi tape along the top:


Then I added clear labels for the letters:

20131109_155403and added the discs:

2013_11_15 (02)The first case took most of the DVDs so I didn’t need much more space for the rest.

20131109_175156So the second container (boxes from Ikea) got my Wii accessories

2013_11_15 (01)Love this! Saves so much room.


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