InstaFriday: Cabo Edition

I’ve determined that I am terrible at posting my cell phone and Instagram pics every month or two. It’s been about a year since my last update! But since I got a brand new phone and had to move all my photos anyway I thought it would be a good time to start this off every Friday.

Have you noticed I was quiet here the last few weeks? Well, that’s because I was vacationing in Cabo San Lucas! It was an amazing trip and while I have over 1,000 pictures from my DSLR, today I’ll share the story in cell phone pics.

Technically I’m going back 3 weeks but I don’t think anyone will care.

The journey started on President’s Day when I went into the city (San Francisco) to do some client work and kicked things off with an office selfie to demonstrate just how pale I had become in winter:

20140217_125948The next day I was off to the airport and flying to Cabo San Jose! Not before breakfast at the airport with this “side of fruit” which was more like a fruit shooter:

20140218_100544Here’s where I stayed while in Cabo San Lucas:

20140227_104036It was a cute place, very open and friendly – I met some great people! This was the view from the lounge on the second floor:

20140221_165237That blue door there is mine!

20140219_083719One of the things I loved is that I knew I was in Mexico, not in a hotel or resort that looks like every other hotel around the world. Here you could hear the nightlife, step outdoors and grab a taco or smoothie and we were super close to the marina and the mall.

This is the mall:

20140219_084209Insane, right? The view from the second story is even more impressive:

20140219_085342After picking up a towel and beach bag, I made my way to the beach. It was bright. So bright this was the “amazing” shot I took:

20140219_092655Yeah. It’s hard to see the display on a cell phone when it’s 85 degrees out. So after tanning for a bit I went to a great beach front restaurant where I could drink in the shade:

20140219_102953Oh and eat some amazing crispy tacos:

20140219_104811During my trip I read a few books including this one I found at the Inn:

20140220_123410Yes, I read about serial killers on vacation. Doesn’t everyone? Here’s the marina. Gorgeous, no?

20140222_113006At the very, very, very end of the Marina and shopping is the boat launch where fisherman gut their fish. It’s so much fun to watch:

20140225_115945Not really because of the gutting but because of the subsequent feeding leftovers. To pelicans:

20140225_115941You can see them lurking around, waiting for a free lunch.

For humans the Marina had awesome seafood, including this “hawaiian roll” which was ah-mazing

20140225_184400Also these bougainvillea were growing everywhere and looked so beautiful! Since all of mine have died I am going to re-try planting some this spring:


On the last full day I was up from sunrise to sunset and it was a beautiful day:

20140226_063142On my last day in Cabo I went out to breakfast:

20140227_09361620140227_093815and by this time I was pretty tan/burned:

20140223_145513and 9 days after landing I was heading back to San Francisco!

Next week I’ll have more pictures of the return, including the dogs completely swarming me for attention.


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