Re-arranging the Bedroom

Recently I finished caulking the seams of the baseboards in the master bedroom and closet and then painted them all in glossy white. Because the guest room bed was covered in projects from the office I had to keep sleeping in my room while moving everything around.

As a result I ended up re-arranging all of the furniture! It may not be an arrangement I keep forever but it’s working for now. Here’s what it looked like before:

DSC_0022And now:

2014-02-12 Bedroom 11The biggest change was taking out the white bookshelf, it’s now in the hallway between the guest room and office. The headboard and mattress barely fit on the wall between the hallway and bathroom so there was no room for the nightstands.

2014-02-12 Bedroom 01Yes, the picture on that wall is off center and drives me batty but it’s not moving just yet.

Now when you walk in the room the dresser is straight ahead and the arrangement here makes it easier to plug in the alarm clock, iPod speakers and space heater.

2014-02-12 Bedroom 08Where the bookshelf was is now the first nightstand with my Ikea organizer and the fan on top. I store my spare change in the piggy banks and the baskets hold dog treats and cards.

2014-02-12 Bedroom 07The second nightstand is now tucked into the closet and has baskets holding my heating pads. The throw pillows usually get tossed here since I have oh… 6 on the bed already 🙂

2014-02-12 Bedroom 04

On the far left are my shirts and underneath are my suitcases. In the middle of the closet are the two dog crates and I’ve covered them with the flannel crate covers that Mom sewed for me. I used safety pins to keep the covers in place and this should help keep the dogs cozy at night.

2014-02-12 Bedroom 03

On the far right of the closet are long dresses, a shoe organizer, pants organizer and plastic drawer. Most of this stuff can be re-evaluated and possibly donated or thrown out – I’ve been letting go of a lot of clothes I don’t wear often enough and getting a lot more room in here.

Overall I love how open the room feels, especially since I can now walk to the back door to let the dogs out 100 times a day much faster!

Oh and the lights from Ikea on the headboard just got hooked up to the headboard so now with a push of a button they turn on/off. Which is great since my overhead light is no longer controlled by the light switch (long story):

2014-02-12 Bedroom 12


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