Building Some Storage

The Master Bathroom has been “in progress” for close to a year now.

Since before I tore up the bathroom floor or took out the sink, installed the new floor or installed the new sink, I had this project in mind. I was not sure how I would execute it because I didn’t have exact dimensions until the sink was installed and the bowl could be measured.

Here was my inspiration:


Now, the only problem with this source is that it’s in a foreign language and doesn’t trace back to a site with directions. Bummer.

So I studied it. And stared at it. And looked at my butcher block which had a similar design. It took a few nights but I sketched out the design I wanted and then started writing out the wood cuts.

Here’s what the bathroom cabinet was like the first… 4 years I lived here:

2011_06_04 (04)When we took out the cabinet and counter top the back splash tore up the drywall pretty bad. Knowing that we were going to cover it up saved us the trouble of fixing it. I purposefully chose a 3″ tall baseboard with top grooves, then a 32″ tall bead board panel and is capped off with 3″ tall chair rail. This gives me a total of 38″ – just over 3′ – which more than covers the damage to the drywall.

Keeping in mind the height of the chair rails I decided the shelf should be shorter for a few reasons. #1 is that I would hate to scuff up my pretty new white trim. #2 the shelf would be distracting to the clean lines of the trim and #3 I need space on top for a hand towel to hang.

This shelf was so tall the hanging towel holder wasted half the space on the top shelf. Also, the outlet was hard to reach behind the shelf.

2013_12_23 (05)It was nice for a temporary piece but not ideal. So I sold it for $25 and made the piece I wanted! Here’s what I ended up with:

2014-02-08 Master Bath 05As you can see, I have the same tiered thing on the top (I think I bought that for $1) and it holds my makeup brushes, plastic rounds with my earrings, hair clips and q-tips. On the top shelf is also my glow in the dark jellyfish and some candles. See how the shelf is low enough not to catch the towel on fire when I light a candle? Important, that is.

The second shelf has my towels, a basket with hand towels and a basket with hair dryer, curling iron, etc.

The bottom shelf is tall enough for my dirty clothes basket and another basket with bath mats. It’s conveniently right outside the shower stall:

2014-02-08 Master Bath 06I made a second shelf for the space between the sink and the toilet:

2014-02-08 Master Bath 08This shelf is both shorter in height (by a few inches) and in width. Still there’s enough room for these baskets, the bottom one has all of my wash cloths and the middle basket has hair brushes, gel, etc.

2014-02-08 Master Bath 02Here’s looking back at the other corner (from the shower). We still need to install the baseboards and beadboard. You can see the damage to the drywall on the wall behind the toilet. Ignore the toilet paper, once the bead board is installed I’ll add the new holder.

This post is getting a little long so I’ll create another one with specifications on how I assembled those shelves.

Still, the bathroom is looking so much better, more open and easier to navigate!


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