Lots of Projects

Reading back over the past few months worth of posts, I realize that I’ve been teasing you about new project posts without delivering. My bad.

This weekend my goal is to wrap up a lot of little cleaning projects so that I can photograph the big, remodel and design projects that I’ve been working on for the past few months. Most of the blog posts are already written with (insert photo) throughout.

I won’t overwhelm you with 12 project posts at once but it will be nice to have more content on this old blog here.

Here are the finished projects I’ve yet to blog about:

  1. New linoleum in the master bath
  2. Newly installed sink & faucet in the master bath
  3. Painting the master bath built-ins
  4. Painting baseboards & rearranging furniture in the master bedroom
  5. Moving my bookshelves and selling 1/3 of my book collection
  6. Re-purposing the kitchen hutch
  7. New linoleum in the guest bath
  8. Re-arranging the office furniture & closet
  9. Re-organizing my DVDs (and selling the DVD towers)
  10. Painting the hall closet
  11. Updating the nightstands & creating labels for the Ikea Organizers
  12. Organizing the hall closet & re-using 2 lights
  13. Re-organizing the master closet
  14. Adding lighting to the guest and office closets
  15. Building 2 shelves for the master bath
  16. Add new gallery of frames to the hallway


That’s not even looking ahead at my to do list projects:

  • Sand and paint side tables for outdoors
  • Fix up outdoor shelf and planter box
  • Sand and paint foot chest
  • Sand and re-stain the kitchen table
  • Replace the gutters and downspouts
  • A whole bunch of lighting updates (literally every room plus outdoors)

Note: after 2 months of dry weather California is finally experiencing some moisture. Unfortunately that looks like catching up on all our rain this week. Since I would really hate to work on the gutters or do work in the garage while it’s this cold, inside work it is.


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