2,014 things

Inspired by a friend of mine I’ve decided to make one of my 2014 Goals be to permanently remove 2,014 things from my home by the end of the year. There are many reasons, most boring, so I won’t go over those. In 2013 I probably donated or consigned close to 500 items so I just need to continue that progress!

Here are my rules:

1. Expired food doesn’t count, donated food does.

2. Regular trash doesn’t count (junk mail, plastic containers).

3. Items going to consignment will count but may not be brought back in.

4. Items can be thrown away, sent to consignment, given to others or donated. For this I’ll utilize Freecycle, Craigslist, eBay and Amazon.

5. Items in a collection may either be counted as 1 or individually. Probably depending on how close I am to the goal at any point in time.

Right now I’m starting with kitchenware, any decorating items that I’m not using and clothing. By the time I move on to my books again, crafts, linens and the garage I know it’ll be easy to hit the goal.

By focusing on filling up boxes each week and going to consignment or Goodwill once a week I’ll continue to track. It’s already January 2nd and I’ve dropped off 52 items at consignment.

Other Projects

Looking around the house there are just a few projects I have still awaiting me. Here they are in loose order of priority for completion:

  • Build shelving units for the master bath
  • Install and paint baseboards in the hall closet
  • Install and paint baseboards in the guest closet
  • Sand and paint my footchest
  • Sand and re-stain kitchen table
  • Repair my outdoor wood box planter
  • Sand and paint 2 outdoor wood side tables
  • Make my outdoor wood shelf sturdier and re-stain
  • Install new lights outdoors
  • Build a new planter box for the front yard
  • Install new baseboard, beadboard and chair rail in the master bath
  • Install new lights in the living room, bathrooms and hallway (possibly hire an electrician)

On my “would be a total dream” list is installing crown molding in the bedrooms, replacing the HVAC and replacing 3 ceiling fans. We’ll see. Maybe I should start playing the lottery.

As of now the wood for the bathroom shelves is stained and ready to be assembled. Let’s see if I can create this:

inspirationpinin the next few days.