Typical Saturday Clean Up

This Saturday has been pretty typical – I got up around 8 but then stayed in bed since the dogs were snuggly and read for another hour. I had a to do list already so I started by loading up the car and cleaned up in the living room and kitchen (which is forever messy).

My first stop was out at the cemetery where I left some fake poinsettia flowers at my grandparent’s gravesite. The older flowers were dead or falling apart so I put them in my car to  throw away at home. I also stopped by my cousin’s resting place, straightening up one of the solar lights that had been knocked over by the fierce winds this week.

It’s a beautiful place, high up on a hill overlooking the surrounding farmland with the city in the near distance. But it’s also a sad place where I have 6 family members buried. It’s like this thistle that I found out there one day, beautiful and stunning but also painful.

2011_06_05 (04)After the cemetery, I drove back into town and stopped at Ace Hardware for some screws. Even years after leaving the electrical contractor where I worked, I still think in terms of the purchasing lingo that I used! I got a box of 1″ flat head wood screws for a project I’m working on (right now that project is in the boring stages of staining, buying stuff, and waiting for wood to cure).

After Ace it was over to consignment shop #1 where I handed over 15 items to sell in the next 60 days and sold one item in the store while waiting! The clothes they wouldn’t take went right back into the car and over to Goodwill.

Now, Goodwill in our town is closing in 7 days so I am in a frantic rush to drop off as much stuff as I can.  43 more items were given away and are all tracked on my handy donation tracker sheet! As soon as I got home that was stapled to the receipt and went right into the taxes box.

By this time the library was open so I swung by to drop off the books and movies I’d borrowed and then went a few blocks over to Palm Gardens where my grandparents lived for 5 years. There I donated a stack of magazines, a small Christmas tree (super small, fit in a paper grocery bag) and a wreath with holder. The man I talked to said they had a new resident moving in who would love the decorations so I hope it brightened his/her holiday!

At this point I was technically “done” with my errands but the wood for my project was tearing up the sponge paintbrushes I use for staining. So I went over to Michael’s to grab some extras and ran into my aunt and uncle. We caught up for a few minutes and after a long time in line I was heading home.

Note to self: this is why I don’t shop the Saturday before Christmas. Jeeze.

Thanks to the Carmelizer blended drink I picked up from Dutch Brothers, I had lots of energy when I got home! The car got emptied out and I managed to tame all those hangers. I spent an hour in the backyard scooping, picking up sticks from the neighbor’s tree, raking leaves and then cutting back the roses.

I’m just about halfway done with the rosebushes now, but the 96 gallon toter was full and overflowing so the rest will have to happen after the holidays.

I’ve got Christmas decoration bins to put in the garage, presents to pack in the car, clothes to wash and a second batch of stuff for consignment to gather for Monday.

This is a pretty typical Saturday. And I’m writing about it because I think we’re all fooled into thinking that life is a Pinterest snapshot and we’re all just floating from perfectly themed holiday party to remodeled bedroom to vacation destination. There are boring weeks, no matter who you are. There are projects that stall or seem to take forever. There are jobs that no one wants pictures of whether it’s scooping frozen solid dog poop or ironing clothes.

I’m writing about this stuff because it’s tempting to say “nothing” when someone asks what you’ve been doing. But this is the stuff in our lives. The salmon I’ll cook tomorrow and the books I’m taking to the library to donate. It may not be glamorous or fun-filled or Pinterest-worthy but this is life. My life.

In other “boring” news I am finally out of tea lights! Thankfully these go on sale after the holidays so I’ll pick up a bunch and continue to burn the larger candles I have. I picked up a laminator for $20 on sale at Amazon but now my printer won’t print so I can’t finish labeling all the storage boxes in the garage.

And I really want to finish off the upholstery job on my footstool with the right piece to cover the bottom. Should I just grab a remnant of white linen from my stash or find something in navy?

This is not a good underbelly look for such a beautiful footstool:

2013_11_30 (18)Finally, how long until my wood stops stinking from the stain so I can assemble the pieces in my new project?!


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