15 Minute Speed Clean : Master Bedroom

I know I posted these out of order because I actually did the master bedroom Friday morning, 15 minutes before I rushed out the door for an appointment.


DSC_0004(Above: blankets tend to get thrown on the bed… and clothes on the chair!)

DSC_0005(Above: Some of the clothes fell down in the closet and the shelves look pretty cluttered)

DSC_0006(Above: Looking back at the bed – there are magazines and medications on the nightstand plus tissue from my 3 week on-going cold. To the left of the bed you’ll see the pillows the dogs knocked off in their play)

What I did:

  • Made the bed (huge difference right there!) and straightened up pillows
  • Straightened up blankets that I use to keep warm (again heat is out)
  • Put away clothes including a few folded sweaters and lots of socks
  • Picked up the clothes on the floor of the closet
  • Put away magazines on the nightstand
  • Opened the curtains for some natural light

And that’s it! I had very little time and wish I could have done more but check out the difference in the pics!


DSC_0022(Above: Making the bed, even imperfectly, makes a big difference visually)

DSC_0025(Above: I cheated and closed the curtains, but did pick up the clothes from the floor and straightened up some things)

DSC_0024(Above: Nixon dive bombed the pillows [it’s a problem] and I moved the magazines, cleaned off the chair. You can see Jackson in the doorway of the office. Lurking.)

What I’d do with 10 more minutes:

  • Put away the suitcase which goes back in the closet corner
  • Dust the bookshelf by the back door
  • Dust the headboard
  • Put old magazines in the pile to donate (to assisted living home nearby)
  • Vacuum (if mine worked)
  • Clean the mirror
  • Dust the picture frames and get down cobwebs

I don’t want you to think that 15 minutes solves everything – it’s not freezing time! But as you can tell just a few minutes on the big things can make a visual difference. I love my curtains here because it’s so easy to pull them closed and hide the clothes. You don’t need a lot of time to make the house look much better.

Next up: Master bathroom, kitchen and dining room!


2 thoughts on “15 Minute Speed Clean : Master Bedroom

  1. love the colors here! the red and the white make it a great space! (now about that red chair that fades into the wall color… hahahah Yes, i know i am ‘not nice!’) Love your cozy house!

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