15 Minute Speed Clean : Bathroom & Hallway


The guest bath didn’t start out too bad. Here’s the before:

DSC_0030(Above: clothes hanging on the shower curtain rod, lots of clutter on the counter, floor needs to be swept)

DSC_0034(Above: Bathtub is dirty from rinsing off outdoor furniture, need to put away the soaps and scrub the tub)

DSC_0031(Above: bunch of stuff on the counter top, dirty sink and mirror)

What I did:

  • quickly cleaned the glass on the big mirror, dusted the other mirrors and towel racks
  • emptied the trash and re-lined it
  • swept the floor and did spot cleaning for a few marks
  • refilled the dog’s water dish and put it on a towel
  • cleared off the counter top and cleaned it well
  • swapped out the dirty towels
  • re-arranged a few things
  • put away the medications (in the hallway), towels (in the cabinet)
  • straightened up the curtain, moved jackets to the garage
  • lightly scrubbed the tub, realized I needed more time


DSC_0039(Above: cleaned off the counter and washed the sink, put away everything except the candles and soap)

DSC_0036(Above: closed the curtain, refilled the dog’s water bowl, swept, hung more wash cloths)

What I’d do with 10 more minutes:

  • scrub the toilet
  • really scrub the bathtub

(since I knew I’d need to do more scrubbing I decided to draw the curtain and go back later when I have more time to deep clean)

At this point I had a few minutes left so I took these pictures then did the hallway.


DSC_0043(Above: it’s hard to see but there’s a white extension cord on the top left corner which collects dust and dog hair)

What I did:

  • swept the hallway
  • picked up the rug and shook it out

Really you can’t tell the difference so I didn’t take an after pic :-p

What I’d do with 5 more minutes:

  • dust all the pictures in the hallway
  • clean the baseboards since they’re pretty dusty

Since I don’t really need a full 15 minutes to clean the hallway it usually gets added on like this. It’s kinda fun to “beat the clock” even when I know I’ll spend another 15-20 minutes scrubbing the bathtub and cleaning the toilet later. Neither are terrible but I want to do the job right.

Note: I did finish up the bathroom on Saturday. Using a 50/50 mixture of white vinegar and dish soap I mixed that up in a spray bottle and then doused the tub. I used a dish scrubber to wipe down the tub and rinsed it out with hot water. Because the drain was a little slow I followed that up by dumping baking soda in the tub and sink drains, adding vinegar and flushing with hot water.


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