15-minute Clean: Office

I may be posting these out of order but here’s my 15-minute speed clean of my office.

Before: DSC_0011(above: note the papers overflowing on the chair and desk, the stepstool in the way and the roaming comfy blanket on the chair)

DSC_0010(above: yes the dog sits in the middle of the room, paint on the floor and window sill, a better shot of the desk mess)

DSC_0012(above: really big tangle of cords, my bookshelf is overflowing with stacks of stuff and on the floor the dogs destroyed something cardboard while playing in front of the space heater)

DSC_0014(above: Jackson is really in the way, drop cloth and paint supplies all over the floor, a pretty messy looking bookshelf in the closet)

What I did:

  • picked up a lot of small pieces of trash on the floor (thanks dogs!)
  • moved all of the paint supplies and step stool to the closet
  • moved all the papers I’m filing/reading to the spare chair
  • folded blankets and moved the doggy bed out of the way
  • cleaned off the desktop
  • put away a lot of little cords
  • hooked up my USB manager properly
  • dusted the lamp, printer, extra monitor and bookshelf
  • re-arranged some of the baskets/boxes on the bookshelf

What I would do with 5 more minutes:

  • set up the laminator in the closet properly
  • vacuum (if mine worked…)
  • do a deeper clean of the fan on the desk- it’s dusty and driving me nuts
  • sort the papers on the chair better



DSC_0015(above: the desk is cleared off and all the paper mess is on the extra chair. I kept the blankets because my heater is broken but they’re straightened up now)

DSC_0018(above: moved painting supplies into the closet and moved the dog’s bed back. Jackson’s already found his spot!)

DSC_0016(above: managed all those cords better, moved around some of the boxes on the bookshelf and straightened up the leaning notebooks until I can go through them. Dusted the furniture and electronics)

What I wanted to do, but didn’t:

  • touch up the green paint around the window sill
  • pull out the desk and tall bookshelf to paint those baseboards
  • sit in the middle of the floor with ALL of those papers spread out
  • straighten up the cords mess in the closet

Total time: 15 minutes


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