Holy Projects, Batman

I’m fully aware I’ve been a bad blogger lately with the complete lack of projects going up on the blog. But it’s not like I’ve been bored over here the last few months.

Here are just a few of the projects I’m working on:

  • touching up paint on the master bedroom headboard
  • finished the new nightstands
  • adding lighting to the office and guest room closets
  • donating a boatload of books to clean up my bookshelves
  • creating a warranty manual
  • re-upholstering and staining a foot stool
  • re-organizing my DVDs
  • moving the kitchen hutch to the garage for storage
  • replacing an outdoor light which is vexing me
  • storing the outdoor pillows for winter
  • updating the crate covers for the little dogs
  • installed a new sink and faucet in the master bath
  • installed new floors in both bathrooms
  • installed a new shower head in the guest bath
  • added new lights and painted the hall closet

Because of all these projects (many happening simultaneously) the house is generally a disaster zone. I’m hoping to have new tutorials and pictures up just as soon as things go from “complete and utter chaos” back to “normal crazy” but until then you can catch up on some of the older projects I’ve done here on Pinterest:

Screenshot 2013-11-30 10.05.47There are so many more things to come, if only I had a fully time assistant who would clean my house, file my papers, professionally photograph everything and cook my meals.

Dear Santa….


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