Thinking about Christmas

My focus this month has been to donate, sell and give away a lot of my stuff. Many of my books are posted on a book exchange site, I traded in some DVDs, I’m already working with a consignment.

What could I possibly want for Christmas (aside from a week on a beach) then?

Possibly some experiences such as a Hot Air Balloon ride above Napa or a trip to Seattle to see the Space Needle, party in the rain and get some good coffee.

In the next year I’m going to replace my work laptop so Apple gift cards are good.

For services, I’m looking to order Netflix to stream movies and Spotify for music as I try to get more mobile with my entertainment options to avoid hauling around a lot of books when I travel.

The holidays are a time when generic gifts are typically failsafe. And yet, I don’t need another picture frame, I could easily light the town with my stash of candles, my kitchen is well stocked and if I buy another journal it’ll push me over the edge to hoarding.

The only bigger ticket items I’m looking at is a keyless entry for my Yaris (the little key fob thing) and an oversized leather chair like this one. Obviously those are expensive things.

When I think about what I need there’s not really much. Okay, we can all use cash because in our world extra money in the bank is peace of mind but honestly? I’m incredibly blessed.

Thanks to space heaters and slippers my house is warm.

In the pantry and freezers I have abundant (and healthy!) food.

Even my fabric stash is overflowing and I don’t even sew!

I have plenty. Which is why I’m not asking for lots this season, in fact I’m giving even more away to charity, to those in dire situations and to the hungry. Because it just feels right to give to someone who has so little instead of asking for one thing more to make my own life a little more comfortable.

Even if that leather chair calls to me in my dreams.

Also, these boys? They are so blessed too. They have water dishes, food bowls, treats galore, toys, costumes, leashes, and all that they need for happiness.


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